The Boys: Blatant DC-Marvel Plagiarism

The Boys: Blatant DC-Marvel Plagiarism

If you like superhero movies, meet The Boys - a super hot movie thanks to a very new perspective on DC and Marvel's superhero squads.

Between the time DC and Marvel are leading the world with superhero blockbusters, brazen and flashy, the audience's fantasies about a beautiful world with Superman or Captain America become even bigger. . The Boys - a TV series from the Amazon system thinks differently. Also the image of heroes with robes and super powers, but the film raises a question that few people think about: What if the superhero is the bad guy? In a society where large corporations are acquiring everything for profit, will superheroes be "made money"?


The first thing that makes the audience pay attention to The Boys' superhero cast - known as The Seven - is the suspicious resemblance to the DC's legendary Justice League team as well as Marvel's Avengers. In fact, the movie is based on the comic book series of the same name which is also published under DC. But then, the dark and anti-heroic motifs of the series have made DC so mad that they kicked the brand out.

The world in The Boys is home to many superheroes. Vought - a giant corporation will receive and screen the most talented people to be classified into the hero team The Seven, like a Korean entertainment company with the group. The members of The Seven squad are not only responsible for saving the world, but also are actively allowed by the company to act in advertisements, act as brand representatives … to build images and earn huge profits. This fact is sure to happen in real life, but never mentioned in Marvel or DC.

If Superman and Captain America are a symbol of strength, hope and reason, the version of these two characters in The Boys is Homelander - a man with superpowers worshiped by the world. Although he always shows himself as a representative of righteousness, in fact Homelander is a "secret evil", willing to do brutal things, contrary to conscience just to preserve his image and his superhero career. hero.

Not only Superman and Captain America, other famous characters such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman or Black Panther also have their versions of The Boys. For one thing, it's all dark, cunning and much more realistic!


Contrary to The Seven is the Team The Boys - street vendors who feud with superheroes and are always looking for ways to expose their true face to the world. This is the group considered "front" of the film.

Another thing that makes The Boys even more popular in the eyes of the audience is the fact that the film possesses a rational, multi-layered script and not only acts as a clone of any cinematic universe.

The world of The Boys with characters like Homelander, Queen Maeve, Starlight or Butcher, Hughie tells separate, unique stories, not running after any of his predecessors. Therefore, the details of the movie are always new, dramatic and make viewers have to sit around to see them all.

Although it is a film that focuses on a very gore and violent style of 18+, The Boys refuses to let others see themselves as a funny film with no brain. Instead, the film raises serious issues, projecting a realistic view of today's society on fantasies about superheroes. What if superman could … play with toys? What will companies and corporations be willing to do to maximize profits from the beloved superheroes all over the world? The movie has many happy moments, but besides that, there are also very touching and painful segments that make viewers think a lot.

The film's anti-heroic style makes the colors and content of The Boys become completely dark compared to the familiar superhero movies to the audience. The film contains strong language, stimulants, sex, and a few scenes that can be haunting for a younger audience.

Not only that, another highlight of the film is that the producer did not hesitate to perform the bloody action, or even the most cruel. Therefore, the residual that The Boys leaves after each episode becomes even stronger.

The Boys is currently showing the second film on the Amazon Prime Video system. The film received an almost absolute score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and was also praised by fans.