Disney new movie turned out as disappointment

Disney new movie turned out as disappointment

'Artemis Fowl' - the $125 million movie produced by Disney has just recently received 10% positive points on Rotten...

'Artemis Fowl' - the $125 million movie produced by Disney has just recently received 10% positive points on Rotten Tomatoes.


The movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh, based on a book with the same name by Eion Colfer. It started when Artemis Fowl II (played by Ferdia Shaw) - a 12-year-old genius led a dynasty of criminals. He joined in a mysterious journey to save his father from the bad guys. With a huge budget, the popularity of the book itself and a reputable director Kenneth Branagh (who also directed Thor, Cinderella), Artemis Fowl is expected to be Disney's hit. Because of the pandemic, the movie will be streamed on Disney+ from June 12th.


However, Disney's hit-to-be received major criticism after its launch. On Rotten Tomatoes, Artemis Fowl is scored 10% positive points. According to this platform, the movie didn't satisfy those who are fans of the original book and confused those who haven't read the book.

On Indiewire, Kate Erbland scored D+ for this Disney's product and stated that the director didn't dig into the characters' life.


Peter Debruge of Variety said that Artemis is lack of chemistry, the villains are even worse. The movie is unnecessary long with irrelevant plots though the movie's length is only 93 minutes.

The Time Out added the movies has lots of clues but none of them was clearly solved. While New York Times gave criticize on visual effects of the movie.

The failure of Artemis Fowl also has affected to Disney's plan of launching the Artemis Fowl. Disney would want to follow Harry Potter's path but it doesn't work that way, according to Rolling Stone.

Watch Artemis Fowl official trailer below.

Artemis Fowl has met numerous issues before its official release. In 2001, Miramax decided to get a license for the book Artemis Fowl. Two years later, the script was completed but there were some difficulties came up. In 2013, Disney and The Weinstein Company announced to co-produce but the process wasn't in a good term. In 2017, the movie project was once again stuck when Harvey Weinstein lost his position because of his sex scandals