Top new music videos to be released in last 7 days

Top new music videos to be released in last 7 days

In the last 7 days, lots of artists official comeback on the music path with their latest music videos. Have you heard...

In the last 7 days, lots of artists official comeback on the music path with their latest music videos. Have you heard all of those? If not, let's check out this list now!

"Cardigan" - Taylor Swift

This could be uncompleted if Taylor Swift doesn't belong to this list and her new album "Folklore. Without any announcement, Taylor did hit a strong strike at the music industry with impressive numbers of the sold albums in America of the singer. This could be seen as a powerful proof for the singer to be considered as one of the biggest artists in the world.

"Folklore" shot the first bullet as the song "Cardigan" with a music video on Youtube. Taylor shared that this album is folk-pop genre, which is a music style she never tried before. Therefore, there are a lot of expectations for this comeback. Besides "Cardigan", Taylor also released other music videos with lyrics, including "hoax", "exile",...

"Nobody's Love" - Maroon 5

After the leaving of one member, Nobody's Love is the first song to be out with Maroon 5 performing in a new formation. The single has catchy melodies, tells a story about the passionate love of a man to the love of his life. If his love is reciprocated, then the girl won't belong to anyone else. Adam Levine also showcased a totally different image of himself in this new music video, that is more mature and painful.

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"Who's Laughing Now" - Ava Max

Ava Max is well-known after her hit song "Sweet but Psycho" topped on music charts at many countries.

In the latest video "Who's Laughing Now", Ava Max turned into a woman who has gone crazy in love and received many compliments from the critics. The melody of the song is also one reason that keep the listeners can't stop listening to it.

"my future" - Billie Eilish

After her global hit "No Time To Die", Billie Eilish has kept her profile low. She announced her comeback just recently with another song called "my future".

As the singer shared, she started writing this song since the social-distancing. This song is quite personal and special to her, because she what she describes in the song is exactly what her heart aimed to. One more interesting thing about this song is that it has a different style compared to other songs of the young singer. It is predictable that "my future" will continue to be another hit song of Billie.

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"My Oasis" - Sam Smith

2020 is considered as an exciting year for Sam Smith. A few months ago, he and Demi Lovato dropped their song "I'm ready" which is a catchy song. However, it is just the beginning.

At the end of July, Sam Smith released his official song called "My Oasis" featuring singer Burna Boy. The lyrics of the song describe a deep love of a man towards his love, but all he receives was only painful cheating. This is the open song for his brand new EP called "Love Goes" which was set to be out in the near future.

"Married in Vegas" - The Vamps

British Pop Rock boyband The Vamps has back to the game with their new single called "“Married In Vegas” on July 31, is expected to open for a whole new chapter for the band's members. Following the song will be an album "Cherry Blossom" which is going to release later this year.

The song is written by vocalist Bradley Simpson and producer Lostboy during the lockdown time. According to Brad, they decided to have a little drink after finishing the full album. And "Married In Vegas" was born 4 hours later.