Sam Smith 'Heals All Broken Hearts' With New Christmas Single

Sam Smith 'Heals All Broken Hearts' With New Christmas Single
Source: Sam-Smith-Heals-All-Broken-Hearts-With-New-Christmas-Single

Sam Smith's warm vocals and the passionate melody of The Lighthouse Keeper will be a very beautiful musical gift for this Christmas season.

After Last Christmas, All I Want For Christmas Is You, the audience added a new song to add to the playlist for this holiday season. The prince of love songs, Sam Smith is back with a surprising single, full of happiness and joy. Not cooling off with the single Diamonds and the new album not long ago, the British guy continued to pamper fans with a new product. Worth mentioning in this 'attack', he did not inform fans.


Sam Smith's Christmas single was surprisingly released on November 20, 2020. The song is a nostalgic remembrance of the sweet moments of the 40s of the last century, the time of reunions. swarms and gatherings full of vintage and retro nature. Combined with Labrinth, who sang a duet with Sam Smith in Love Goes, the producer brings a new breath that does not overlap with any other projects that Sam Smith has ever released.

A Christmas story, full of novelties, lullabies, classical vocals and soothing sounds. The song is delicate, full of thought as a work dedicated to the best season of the year. Released with the song, Sam Smith also released an interesting MV product. Cute cartoon lines with the theme of setting sail. Departing, going out looking for challenges, but then returning to safety and love. Meaningful and sincere, Sam Smith also tried his best as a director for this MV itself.


'If there were any one year that made me want to hear the sounds of Christmas, 2020 would definitely be more than any other time when I wanted to be with family and friends more than ever ... Now I have the inspiration to write a love song about Christmas. Labrinth and I have put all of our feelings into the song and it is really an interesting work to compose, '' shared Sam Smith. Love for him is always the answer to all. Difficulties, thunderstorms or challenges, even in the present moment, love will be what helps us to overcome.

Could these lyrics, especially during these moments, be more relevant?