Taylor Swift To Be Engaged To Joe Alwyn In champagne problems?

Taylor Swift To Be Engaged To Joe Alwyn In champagne problems?
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Many fans pointed out Taylor Swift tacitly announced that she was engaged to Joe Alwyn in the new lyrics.

On December 11, Taylor Swift officially debuted for the 9th studio album in her career called evermore. As soon as all the songs from the evermore album appeared on music platforms, fans all over the world were shocked when Taylor Swift seemed to borrow the lyrics of a song to confirm her engagement to Joe Alwyn!


This news made the audience fidgety and simultaneously congratulated their idol, although the owner has not confirmed it. But the fact that Taylor Swift's lyrics are always derived from personal experience and love, the true story of the female singer, so everyone believes 90% of this is true! Truly a day of so much fun for Taylor Swift fans around the world.

Specifically, in the lyrics of champagne problems, the song is at No. 2 in the album evermore, the lyrics section has the following:

"Your mom's ring in your pocket - My picture in your wallet"

The two lines above evoke the image of a man holding his mother's wedding ring. According to Western culture, a mother gives a wedding ring to her son only for the purpose: for her son to propose to the girl he loves. Not stopping there, the lyrics also reveal more about this guy keeping a picture of the girl in his wallet - an act of showing great affection, as well as the bond between the two.

Although the lyrics do not mention Joe Alwyn by name, with the habit of using music to write about life, love, ... fans cannot help but speculate: it seems that Taylor Swift is engaged, even married to Joe Alwyn. Both are extremely happy now. During the livestream exchange about the newly released evermore album, Taylor Swift even said that 3 out of 17 songs in this album were written by her with Joe Alwyn.

Throughout the years, fans all over the world can feel clearly: Joe Alwyn is the man of Taylor Swift's life. Not as noisy as the previous relationships, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are always discreet, extremely rarely appear together in public, even less at events. However, it seems that this privacy has nurtured the love of both of them to be steadfast, more and more warm.

Taylor Swift also regularly shares happiness in current life through songs on the album Lover, folklore and evermore. 2020 is also the time when the two have the most time together as Covid-19 translation paralyzes almost all musical activities. If the news about the engagement is true, then it seems that the year 2020 has made the duo understand each other a lot better to decide to get married.

Fans around the world have posted countless congratulations on Twitter. The joy of Taylor Swift fans today is doubled when they have both new music to listen to and good news from their idols. After years of emotional struggles, it seems that Taylor Swift has finally found a peaceful stop!