Just a few days after the release time, “my future” of Billie Eilish has continuously received many compliments from both her fans and the music critics.


A song about personal power

“my future” released on July 30, 2020. This is a ballad with a little influence of R&B, soul, jazz… The story that Billie wanted to share is her own thoughts about the past, as well as the connection between the past, present and her future.

In other words, this is considered as a self-strength, the love for ourselves and the strength comes from deep within.

Billie revealed that she started making the song when the government requires following the social distancing rules, according to an email she sent to her fans.


She also added that the song is “personal” and “special” to herself, and she hopes that when everybody hears the song, they could feel the hope, excitement and self-awareness, which are her true feelings that her mind aimed to when she wrote the song.

At the beginning, the melody somehow sounds gloomy and painful, as Billie decided to get away from her old self and move forward. When the song reaches at the 1’45s, the melody starts up beating and stronger.

The song comes to an end by a deep voice gently promising “I’ll see you in a couple years”.

Supreme music video

“my future” is an animation video directed by an Australian director Andrew Onorato, with the image of a 2D Billie wandering in the forest and pondering about her own future. Then, sun starts to rise and the singer is drown in a flood of flowers and plants, which represent a hopeful future of Billie.

Rain of compliments from the critics

Gary Dinges of USA Today praised that the song had a beautiful story, relatable lyrics and her melting-heart singing voice. Samantha Hissong và Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone magazine called the song as an upgraded version for all of her old songs.

Besides, “my future” of Billie Eilish helped us have a clearer look at the singer’s perspectives over the years. Teen Vogue gave Billie many flashing words as her songs always have interesting styles. “my future” is also a reminder that although the world is dark sometimes, there’ll be better in the future.