“They Don’t Care About Us” music video of Michael Jackson released a new version, incorporating the “Black lives matter” protest scene. The video was released on August 29, on the birthday of the deceased star.


MV directed by Spike Lee – who filmed the original – reworked. The video includes demonstrations in New York (USA), Atlanta (USA), Rome (Italy), Osaka (Japan) … in the Black lives matter movement – anti-racist protest after the death of George Floyd in May. The singer’s singing scenes in two originals – one in Brazil, the other in prison.


According to the NME site, Spike Lee said: “The protest songs are never old, out of date because the struggles are still there. That’s why They don’t care about us still resonate in the chaotic world. because of the epidemic we live in“.

The song debuted in 1996, in HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I – Michael Jackson’s ninth studio album. The music has a vibrant and intense rhythm combining with the lyrics which were written against racism and human rights violations.

The song became one of Michael Jackson’s most popular music videos. On the singer’s Youtube channel, the music video reached 732 million views, just after Billie Jean (829 million). The song topped the charts in several countries and top 10 in Europe. The music continues his series of songs that heal the world, such as We are the world, Man in the mirror, Black or White …

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is one of the most successful artists in the history of music with 350 million copies sold, with 13 singles topping the Billboard charts. He won 13 Grammy Awards, including “Lifetime Achievement”.

He won the AMAs for “Artist of the Century” and the Bambi Award honoring “Pop Artist of the Millennium”. In 2016, the proceeds from the copyright of Michael’s songs were $ 825 million, making him the late star to make the most money. Many of his MVs still show influence, conveying meaningful messages about children’s rights, environmental protection, condemnation of war, and racism.