Famous Hollywood dads and their pretty, talented daughters

Famous Hollywood dads and their pretty, talented daughters

Hollywood isn't lack of famous dads with daughters, but these names in the list not only get high praise for their appe...

Hollywood isn't lack of famous dads with daughters, but these names in the list not only get high praise for their appearance but also their talents.

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Eminem and Hailie Scott Mathers


When speaking of famous daughters in Hollywood, it's impossible to not mention Hailie Scott Mathers - Eminem's little girl. He might look intimidating and always spits bars, Eminem loves his daughter so much and treasures her as his most valuable property.

Eminem's daughter prefers to keep her personal life private instead of sharing too much on social media.

Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Depp


Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis. She is known as a representative model for many fashion labels and also starred in Netflix's show, King where she met her ex-boyfriend, Timothee Chalamet.

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Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean


Kurt Cobain passed away when he was just 27 years old but he still remains as a talented artist for his music. Frances Bean - his daughter has also followed her dad into the entertaining path as a model and graphic artist.

Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson

The daughter of Michael Jackson also takes up her father's musical talents as she is a singer with her own band, an actress and model.


During her teenage years, she's been through quite hard times with drug isssues and social interraction. However, Paris had overcame that dark times and is taking step by step to build her own career as a model, singer and actress.

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Paul Walker and Meadow Walker


Meadow Walker is the only daughter of Fast & Furious star, Paul Walker, and ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros. After the tragedy, she's been receiving unconditionally love from Vin Diesel, her dad's best friend. Vin loves her as his own daughter and the kids also get along with each other well.

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Will Smith and Willow Smith


Both two kids of Will Smith, Jaden and Willow have proved their talents in the entertainment industry. For Willow, she has been known for her music products since a very young age when she released her first single, "Whip my head".

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