Top 10 Best-Selling Artists Of All Time

Top 10 Best-Selling Artists Of All Time
Source: Top-10-Best-Selling-Artists-Of-All-Time

In the list of the Top 10 highest-selling artists of all time, there is a surprise when only one name is female. Guess who it is?

One of the factors that prove the artists' success is their achievement in the music market. This is evident in the artist's sales of music products across platforms.

ChartMasters has published a list of Top 135 best-selling artists of all time (last updated May 2020). The list will show sales of studio album (original album), other LPs (mixes created by album), single disc, digital single and streaming platform.


And in this list, the most remarkable point is probably the Top 10 best-selling artists of all time. They are the best artists, possessing quality music products that are admired by a large audience.

The 10 names on this list are all veteran artists in the US-UK music scene from decades ago. These include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Queen, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and U2.


As can be seen, The Beatles is the name sung at the top of the table with more than 600 million copies sold. Starting operations in the 1960s, The Beatles has built a name for itself through a series of quality music products, suitable to the tastes of music listeners at that time such as Hey Jude, Let It Be, Don't Let Me Down, Yesterday, ... "bombarded" the music market and made "sob" the hearts of many people who listened to music, The Beatles received huge sales of each music product.


It is worth noting that in this Top 10 list, there is only one female artist present, that is Madonna. Singer Hung Up was named in fifth place. With more than 300 million records sold worldwide, the outstanding Madonna is recognized as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness Book of Records.

Madonna's appearance in this prestigious position is understandable, because Madonna was considered one of the biggest stars in the US-UK music scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Madonna is known as the "Queen of Pop" and is the inspiration for many other artists around the world.


Madonna's hit series must be mentioned such as La Isla Bonita, Hung Up, Like A Prayer, Vogue, 4 Minutes, ... At that time, most of Madonna's music products were widely accepted, although causing Some controversy is like that, but music critics are often warmly received and appreciated, and also helps the female artist to bring in a large fanbase.

In addition to this achievement, Madonna is also recognized as the highest-selling female solo touring artist in these two decades (from 2000 to 2020).