Honored as the opening film for DC Fandome – DC’s huge event with exclusive information about upcoming blockbusters, 1984 Wonder Woman did not disappoint fans with a 25-minute conversation, including starring actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins.


In particular, after answering questions and sharing thoughts about some fan art, cosplay photos, Wonder Woman 1984 also brought a second trailer and revealed more about the film’s content.

The secret weapon to cause everything in chaos to be seen in the trailer is a stone possessing magic power called Dreamstone. This stone will grant each owner a wish, can even rearrange reality to make that wish come true.

By using this stone, Diana was able to bring her former lover Steve Trevor back in 1984. However, every wish has a price. An evil guy named Maxwell Lord also has an ambition to own a stone and thereby pushes the world into chaos.


Besides Maxwell Lord, the villain Cheetah which is played by actress Kristen Wiig also appeared with a complete appearance in this trailer.

There are also a lot of more intense and thrilling action scenes of Wonder Woman 1984. With a budget of up to 175 million dollars, the movie is expected to hit the box office this year and will be the blockbuster of Warner Bros. after Tenet.


The superhero movie is a sequel to the hugely successful version in 2017 and will be DCEU’s latest film. After being delayed for release due to COVID-19, the film is scheduled to premiere on October 2 this year.