6 Interesting Things Of Wonder Woman 1984

6 Interesting Things Of Wonder Woman 1984
Source: 6-Interesting-Things-Of-Wonder-Woman-1984

On the eve of the 1984 Wonder Woman movie, turn over the little-known secrets of the movie and the DC heroine!

Wonder Woman is probably one of the most classic superheroes not only in the DC Comics world, but also on the big and small screen of the world's cinema. Through many different live-action tracks, Wonder Woman first hit the small screen in 2017 and quickly became a "blockbuster" all over the world. And here on December 18, the second part of Wonder Woman titled Wonder Woman 1984 will officially be released after many times, making the audience look forward to waiting for the schedule. Before this remarkable event, let's take a look at some interesting facts about the character Wonder Woman!

1. Wonder Woman is bisexual

In 2016, writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Wonder Woman was bisexual. According to Greg, Wonder Woman lives on a female-only island and to adapt to the context, to satisfy emotional and sexual needs, as well as the need for empathy and sharing from a partner, she can love women. But loving women where our superheroes live is not considered homosexual, or bisexual, but it is a normal love affair because everyone is.

2. Wonder Woman is the cinematic work of the "firsts"


Gal Gadot's appearance in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and then the Wonder Woman movie marked the character's first big screen debut. Wonder Woman also became the first film about a heroine to dominate the box office to bring Gal Gadot the highest salary in her acting career ever. With the film aired in 2017, the audience also saw the childhood version of Diana for the first time. Before that, the superheroine only appeared in the adult body.

3. She is almost 1000 years old!

Possessing a youthful, seductive look, is one of the most "immature" girls on the romantic island of Themyscira, but in fact Wonder Woman is ... an old woman. On her screen appearance in Justice League, Wonder Woman was about 900 years old. If anyone in the world she had such a slow aging rate but the new generation was continuously being produced, the population explosion would happen very quickly, right!

4. Saving the world while being pregnant, but still training hard!


While preparing for the first Wonder Woman movie, Gal Gadot ... broke plans and suddenly became pregnant. She had to carry her 5-month pregnant belly to the set and do many fighting scenes. But do not think that our actress has to depend on movie effects or stunts because before that, she worked very hard for 6 months, gaining 17 pounds of muscle. muscle there!

In preparation for Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot also returned to the gym harder. The actress shared her boxing practice video with former Israel Defense Forces combat coach. It can be predicted that Wonder Woman 1984 will entertain the audience with many stunning action scenes here.

5. Fighting girl dare not eat meat because she loves animals

Diana is a vegetarian. The girl who can talk to animals has a deep love for humanity, so eating meat… her friends was just too horrible. That's why our superhero never touches salty things because that would make her guilty.

6. Released 3 years apart but Gal Gadot's salary increased ... 33 times

After only making $ 300,000 for the first three movies appeared in the Wonder Woman image, Gal Gadot finally achieved a salary 33 times higher than Wonder Woman 1984. Specifically, the female star's pay for the film alone was 10 million dollars. This must be good news not only for the actress but also for the fans because the influence of Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot is so great, receiving a more deserving salary is also considered recognition. of the cinema background to her efforts.