Wonder Woman 1984: What is its story?

Wonder Woman 1984: What is its story?
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Blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 will make the audience excited with the images and sound, but the content is still quite heavy, which is a minus point.

At the end of 2020, maybe Wonder Woman 1984 is the only movie blockbuster that has been anxiously awaited by the whole world after a short year of the theater. This movie is expected because the first part was so successful, the DC universe is also gaining momentum and of course, because the world is in desperate need of Wonder Woman and her rays of hope. Does this movie really match the expectations set on it?


The content is full of layers, appealing, though a bit too long?

With a duration of about 2 and a half hours, Wonder Woman 1984 leads viewers to a very magnificent story of Diana, following her around the world to discourage evil. The main plot of the film also uses a lot of material from comics, so the content is somewhat elaborate, complex and layered, the episodes of the movie are also somewhere, creating good feelings for the audience.

However, the length of the movie also means that the movie rhythm is stretched to neutralize the amount of action - emotion - humor in every segment. This makes sometimes, the rhythm of the movie becomes slow and the audience in theaters is somewhat impatient, looking forward to the scenes where Wonder Woman "plays".

A pretty big minus point of Wonder Woman 1984 is that the film is too fall into all kinds of messages, human meanings. This is not a bad thing, but being too "stuck" on these details causes the work to accidentally turn ... cheesy water, and the message is repeated over and over, making the theater a layer. learning morality, only the "teacher" is very pretty. One of the most disappointing moments is probably the climax of the film when it is "overshadowed" by a bunch of messages.

Eye-pleasing images, ear-catching sound!

It can be said that the strength of 1984 Wonder Woman is the well-built action scenes - although a little bit compared to the length of the long film. The film scene is invested, as well as the film using very beautiful techniques, it fits and does not feel too "Bollywood" as commented by netizens. Learning from the previous movie, Wonder Woman 1984 no longer uses too many slow-motion scenes to "show off" Diana's martial arts - which is a good thing.

Referring to the image, perhaps it is impossible to ignore the beauty of the female star Gal Gadot that always shines in every frame. Her beauty, along with her co-stars in the film, also "save" the somewhat cheesy and long-winded content of the work.

The sound of the film is produced by the talented composer Hans Zimmer, so when enjoying Wonder Woman 1984 in the theater brings a very "pressing" experience. From the fighting scenes until the beautiful Gal Gadot, the beautiful smell of a moral lesson, the soundtrack is always handled skillfully and contributes significantly to promoting the audience's emotions.


Movies are available after-credits, so don't leave theaters early!

As has been revealed before, director Patty Jenkins gave the audience a little surprise when they came to see Wonder Woman 1984. Stay in theaters for a while after the titles run to see what is going on. wait. If you are a fan of DC in general or Wonder Woman in particular, you will not be disappointed!

With talented acting - most notably that of Gal Gadot and actor Pedro Pascal as the villain Maxwell Lord, the 1984 Wonder Woman movie proved her undeniable charm, especially when attached to schools. the action is elaborately designed, attractive. The biggest and perhaps the only minus point of the movie is that the work is too greedy to tell stories and encapsulate its message lines. Therefore, Wonder Woman 1984, despite being beautiful and happy, still made the audience restless and impatient in the theater, no matter how much they spent waiting to see Gal Gadot hit the screen.