Gal Gadot: Real-Life Warriors

Gal Gadot: Real-Life Warriors
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Miss Israel 2004 Gal Gadot conquered Hollywood with strong, energetic roles. But when stripped of the superhero clothes, she faces a chaotic life like many other mothers in Los Angeles.

The actress currently lives in a mansion on a Hollywood hill, where many stars choose to live for privacy. However, Gal Gadot always felt that he did not belong here. In an interview with the newly released May Vogue magazine, she said she remembers life in Tel Aviv (Israel) - home to friends, parents and a beautiful beach just a few feet away.


Now, Gal Gadot needs to drive about an hour if he wants to go down the street to buy necessities. New life requires her to plan everything for life, especially with the busy filming schedule of a movie star. With a liberal personality like Gal Gadot, she had to get used to a new lifestyle that made her miserable during her first time in Hollywood. Every day, Gal Gadot passes his 9-year-old daughter to school, before turning to the gym and starting to practice. Sometimes, she waits for her child at a nearby cafe to read or work. She rarely neglects activities for parents such as reading stories to students, attending lessons in class.

On the way, when traveling, she calls her parents or friends who are living in Israel. They often advise Gal to slow down, spend more time on himself and not overpress herself. Gal Gadot told himself life always has to be done. However, she always puts her family first. When she took on the role of Wonder Woman, the first thing she did was call her husband the news. In a happy moment, Gal told her partner she wanted to have another baby. A somewhat risky decision for an actor with a booming Hollywood career, after years of effort. 'I think myself resembles a kite. The higher you fly, the more solid you want the rope that holds you to the ground. I want to make sure everything is balanced. Besides my career, I need to focus on other important things, especially my family '.


Since 2016, the character Wonder Woman completely changed Gal Gadot's life. The success of the Israeli actor was dizzying, like a dream. DC's blockbuster grossed more than $ 800 million globally, making up an unprecedented achievement with the female superhero movie starring at that time. However, many fans understand that Gal Gadot took a long time to receive the fruit. At the age of 18, she entered the entertainment industry with the Miss Israel contest and won the national representation to compete at Miss Universe 2004 - where she made her first mark in the hearts of global fans. She spent two years serving in the national army, as a physical trainer for soldiers. The work gives her a lot of practical experience to apply for later action projects. Expired military service, she enrolled in law school at home and pursued a fashion career.


One day, Hollywood phoned Gal Gadot's agent and invited her to audition for the role of 'Bond girl' in Quantum of Solace. She was not recruited into the crew but impressed the head of the cast. It was this person who helped Gal Gadot take on the role in Fast & Furious, an important stepping stone in his career. 'Diana (real name of Wonder Woman) is a god who believes in making humans better. Many young girls are attracted to that character. The movie gives them the courage to change, 'she told Vogue. The film also requires Gal Gadot to become a real-life 'hero'. The actress actively participates in gender equality activities in Hollywood. In 2016, the United Nations invited Gal Gadot and the character Wonder Woman as honorary ambassadors for the organization's activities to protect women.

Returning to this few acts, Gal Gadot brings an image of Wonder Woman that will be somewhat new and closer to human life. The film is set in life after 66 years of the events of the first part (1918). The world is constantly changing and Wonder Woman certainly has not been on the sidelines of that constant movement. More than half a century has passed, the Goddess of Warrior continues to carry out her mission of doing justice and protecting the world from evil, while also building her perfect cover - charming, beautiful Diana Prince. beautiful and successful in the present life. A series of unpredictable developments occurred. On the one hand, Diana suddenly met her lover Steve Trevor, who seemed to have passed away 66 years ago. On the other hand, her sisterly love with her best friend Barbara Minerva suddenly shattered by the impact of a villain named Max Lord. Barbara receives a supernatural power source, helps her transform into the Newspapers, also rival of Wonder Woman.

With the participation of stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, under the direction of talented female director Patty Jenkins, and the participation of 'masterpiece of the soundtrack' Hans Zimmer, the film promises to sweeping the sales of theaters at the end of this year. Wonder Woman 1984: The goddess warrior - the last superhero blockbuster of 2020 officially landed in theaters on December 18, 2020.