The magical moment that a man could experience might be the time when he’s becoming a father. So, that is totally understandable for Orlando Bloom to be over ‘excited’ when he could bear the joyfulness plus nervousness as he anticipates the caring of his child’s newborn.

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“I’m excited. It’s a magical time when an angel pops into the planet, which is what it feels like for me,” the actor shared in a recent interview.

Bloom is also “really looking forward to those very late nights when [he will] be getting up and doing a bottle.”

“Breastfeed-bottle thing because I won’t be obviously breastfeeding, but I’m sure there will be bottles,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to that because I love those quiet times at night when the world feels like it’s asleep and you’ve got a sleeping baby.”

“You know those quiet times at home just you and the family and a little one and nursing and just sort of being present and seeing where you can help and what you can do to nurture a little life into the world,”

Orlando Bloom is not so strange with the parenthood since he is already a dad of Flynn, his son with ex-wife, Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr.

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The official announcement for the entrance of their princess was in March during Katy’s music video Never Worn White, when she unveiled her baby bump in it. The couple welcomed their child after the engagement on Valentine’s Day, 2019.

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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are more than exciting to see their child, as they have even prepared some names options, but as the singer shared, they would wait for the actual ‘feelings’ about the baby’s name to come.

“We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us. I’ll look at her and go, “Oh yea yea, you are her, you are that,” explained Katy.

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“Orlando’s really excited for a little girl. They say that little girls are, you know, daddy’s little girl, that’s how it’s gonna be, we’ll see!”, as the singer describes her partner’s feeling.