EXO Kai Transforms Into New Style Of Flowers, Leaves And Branches, But Harry Styles' Name Was Screamed?

EXO Kai Transforms Into New Style Of Flowers, Leaves And Branches, But Harry Styles' Name Was Screamed?

The new, feminine style of Kai (EXO) has received many mixed comments from the Netizens.

As the male god possessing a "flabby" fashion style in the EXO group, it's not surprising that Kai often becomes the focus of discussion every time he reveals a new style. But recently, the series of images with his feminine style has received countless conflicting opinions, even more, criticized than praised.


"Harry Styles stays like this, the male model is unemployed!"
Specifically, a series of photos of Kai wore lace pink high waist pants and a stylized scarf suddenly caused fever on social networks. Netizens were very surprised by the main dancer's bold, picky style. However, there are many negative comments, harshly disparaging the guy's dress. Many people even think that this is just a ... error version of Harry Styles because the male singer also has a "similar" way to coordinate this from a little while ago.


"Harry Styles bug version?", "Looks ok!", "Looks 'pretty'?", "Doesn't fit at all", "Come back to the old dress for me!", ... is a series of mixed comments from netizens. Even though Kai has had many changes in his style of dress, it seems to be one of the few times he has so many objections.

Although having many different comments from netizens, EXO Kai's style is always changed in the most special way. What do you think about his new style?

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EXO Kai Shares About His Solo Debut And Meaning Of Dancing To Him

EXO Kai Shares About His Solo Debut And Meaning Of Dancing To Him

First, EXO Kai shared something he couldn't do. He said, "There are a lot of things I can't do and one of them is to do something with my body."

The interviewer was very surprised because he was known to have a good build. "I really can't do it," he answered frankly. "I can't do anything related to my body other than dancing and posing for pictures. I am not good at sports and I easily ruin things. I have a habit of spilling things, and losing a lot of things. I usually don't like complicated things and I tend to live indifferently".


Then Kai talked about his title track "Mmmh." He said, "The word‘ Mmmh ’is used in many different cases and has different meanings. It's a word that is often unconsciously uttered in one's life. We even said that just a moment ago. It is also used as a token of understanding and to indicate a moment when we are thinking about something. I thought it would be fun to show that kind of ‘Mmmh’ simply, so I showed it in the music video. The video has a puzzling vibe that unfolds in the future and it shows my existence as a god meeting many different worlds and people. "


Kai also shared his thoughts on the long sparkling hat from the MV and the performances in the music program have attracted a lot of attention. He commented, “I think I should wear a hat to stimulate a lot of imagination. The hat feels a bit mysterious, and since it partially hides my face, it makes it a bit tantalizing. It also gives me a sense of freedom to take it off ”.

The interviewer pointed out that he wasn't the main vocalist in SuperM or EXO but managed to sing all the songs from his solo album. Kai explained, “It took about eight months to work on the album. Of course, I've been practicing singing since I was a trainee, but I practiced very seriously while preparing for this album. But my goal is not to show something specific, such as "a very good dance singer" or "a good singer."


He continued, “I want to use everything as a tool to create an image of Kai. Titles, such as a good performer, well-dressed, are not that important to me. The image people feel and think about when they hear my name is more important. I want everyone to look forward to my next performance. If there is something I want to show and express in my activities for this or next album, I want to use the experience that I have as a singer who has been active for ten years, but What I've learned as a Gucci ambassador, and anything else to show that. "

The interviewer commented that Kai seems like a perfectionist who will accomplish something he wants with great determination. "I'm not that person," Kai said. "I just do what I need to do. I do whatever I need as much as I need. As I said in a previous interview, I don't want to do anything with the mind of conquering something with the idea of ​​becoming a 'king of dance'. If I want to accomplish something, I try not to overdo it or understate it. Any artist can think of the best picture so they will give their best".


Kai further explains the idea of ​​finding the right amount of something. He smiled, remarking: “Before, I lived with great determination. I don't do that anymore because experience has taught me that it's not good to live like this. With this album, I performed in three broadcasting companies. It was the first, second and third day of my solo performance. It was difficult because I didn't like something on the first day. I tried to make up on the second day, by the third day, I wasn't satisfied, but I got better and better. I think that flow is enough. I no longer try to memorize things and don't focus on where the camera is recording me. "

When asked if he ever gets sick and tired from dancing or performing, he said, “Of course. Sometimes I go through a lot of pain. I get really stressed out when I'm not satisfied with myself. It eroded not only Kai, but also Kim Jong In (his real name). I really realized that was not healthy and I had to get rid of it. From then on, if I feel I'm about to be stressed, I first check why I feel that way. I try to think. After that, I controlled my mind, and I got rid of it here and there. "

The interviewer pointed out that he seems to be someone who knows how to value himself, and he replied: “I have to cherish myself. Each person needs to value themselves. For those who can't do that well, they'll be able to change as they go through a harsh situation. However, it's best to change before you experience that. Don't we all live to be happy? I think it takes effort to be happy. What I'm always looking for is happiness ”.


After that, Kai talked about his love for his family. He said whenever he was having trouble, he thought about it himself or shared his concerns with his family. He added that he is very grateful to them and commented, “The first thing that matters is myself. I must be happy. My family followed, and my job came in third".

Previously, Kai appeared on "Home Alone" ("I Live Alone") with his niece and nephew. When asked what advice would he give if they wanted to be an idol like him, he said, “First, I'll ask them if they want to be a star, and if they want to be. Become a singer I will ask them why. It's easy to imagine the positive aspects of being a celebrity, but it's hard when no one is looking for you anymore. Even if they aim to be a star, they can't live like stars forever. So I will ask them to find out why they want to be a celebrity and what they like first".


He was then asked what he would do if his niece and nephew were disappointed because they didn't receive his dedicated support. He shared, “The reason I became an idol was just because I like to dance. It was not because I wanted to be a star. I think I can be happy as long as I can dance. Anyone can try to get a relevant job done by doing what they like and if it doesn't go well, they can still do what they like and change their job. Their lives won't be ruined just because they don't get the jobs they want. They have to think separately about what they like and what they are good at. "

Kai did not forget to mention his fans either. He said of his relationship with them, “We are walking down the road together. Not only do we walk now together, but together we can look back on the past on that path. Fans see the results of our relationship during our concerts when we perform. "


He shared that he also likes to watch the process of the audience to become a fan. He said, “Initially, they were just a member of the audience, but they became a fan after watching the performance. They became interested and learned more about the artist. They slowly walk down the path like an artist, and when they get to the concert, they feel like they helped create that stage. They supported us, so we can feel the same emotions. "

In the end, Kai was asked if he is happy, and he honestly replied, “I'm very happy. And I'm very happy. Having fun is also important. When I see the fans being happy, I feel even happier. I mean it. "