Teen Vogue Selects the Best K-Pop Music Videos of 2021

Teen Vogue Selects the Best K-Pop Music Videos of 2021

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On December 14, Teen Vogue released their "21 Best K-Pop Music Videos of 2021" list. Want to know which songs made the top? Then keep on reading!

EXO Kai's 'Peaches' Selected as the Best K-Pop Music Video of 2021

Despite being released in the latter part of the year — November 30, 2021, to be exact — EXO member Kai's solo music video "Peaches" was named as the best K-pop music video of the year. In 2020, Kai enchanted everyone with his sultry, dystopian release "Mmmh." Now, he has everyone hooked with "Peaches!"

"Peaches" makes use of modernized hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and serene mountain imagery to showcase the beauty of South Korean history. Peaches are symbolic of South Korea's mythology and are often called the fruit of happiness.

Kai is not the first K-pop artist to draw influences from ancient South Korean history and themes, but he is most likely the artist who has done it in the most dreamlike sequence. Of course, it would not be a Kai video if his dancing skills were not applauded. Teen Vogue praised the male idol for "yet another beautiful execution in choreography."


(Photo : EXO Twitter)

MAMAMOO Hwasa's 'I'm a B' Selected as the Best Female K-Pop Music Video of 2021

MAMAMOO member Hwasa proved she is confident and authentically herself with "I'm a B." No matter what environment she is in, Hwasa always seems to thrive! in "I'm a B," Hwasa plays a woman who is going insane trying to reach perfection before immediately flipping back to her careless persona.

The highlight of the music video is the second chorus and the bridge, which shows a traditional dance sequence. Teen Vogues states that it ties the dramatic elements perfectly. This music video is proof that Hwasa's creativity and sense of self are the backbones of her genius mind.


(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

These are the 21 Best K-Pop Music Videos of 2021, According to Teen Vogue

1. Kai - "Peaches"

2. Hwasa - "I'm a B"

3. Eric Nam - "Any Other Way"

4. Jessi - "Cold Blooded (With SWF)"

5. Key - "BAD LOVE"

6. ITZY - "LOCO"

7. AKMU (feat. Lee Sun Hee) - "Hey kid, close your eyes"

8. NCT Dream - "Hello Future"

9. Lisa - "LALISA"

10. ONEWE - "Rain to Be"

11. aespa - "Savage"

12. Jackon Wang - "LMLY"

13. NCT U - "Maniac"

14. Hyolyn & Dasom - "Summer of Summer"

15. Sunmi - "TAIL"

16. U-Know - "Thank U"

17. BTS - "Butter"

18. Baekhyun - "Bambi"


20. Jeon Somi - "XOXO"

21. Taemin - "Advice"

Did your favorite K-pop music video make Teen Vogue's list?