EXO Truly A Well-rounded Boygroup: Each One Stands Out With Their Own Forte

EXO Truly A Well-rounded Boygroup: Each One Stands Out With Their Own Forte

The outstanding strength of each EXO member will surprise you

EXO is currently one of the top 3rd generation Kpop groups. The famous group is the 3rd generation "King of Kpop" with an impressive series of achievements in album sales, concerts ... and creativity in concept. through each comeback season. 9 pieces of the puzzle take on their own positions and roles to create the most perfect EXO on stage. And when separated, the outstanding strengths of each member will surprise you.

Baekhyun - the most perfect idol in Kpop

Baekhyun is considered as a typical example of the perfect idol concept of Kpop. Not only is the main vocal who possesses a powerful voice, but his dancing skills are also highly appreciated. In particular, Baekhhyun is also known as a "performing genius" because of his facial expressions and expressions on stage that captivate viewers. Baekhyun is also an animator, capable of leading when he is still SuperM's leader.


Baekhyun's influence level is also proven through numbers. His solo debut album became the best-selling album of a solo artist in 2019. Comprising all the elements of an idol, the handsome EXO male is the most perfect idol of Kpop.

Chen - the vocal king of Kpop gen 3

It would be a big shortcoming if not to list Chen on the list of Kpop golden vocals. Chen owns a powerful and high voice, completely conquering fans with sweet ballads or divine highnote clips. Therefore, whether working in a group or making a solo debut, he always occupies the spotlight because of his impressive voice.


Kai - the leading dance machine in Kpop

Kai is a golden name in the Kpop main dancer village. With a body of ten thousand people and a sexy "deadly" spirit, Kai always immerses fans in every powerful dance on the stage. He is also not afraid to show off his excellent body on many stages, leading the trend with unique outfits, beautiful and beautiful, everything is beautiful. That's why Kai is the member that owns the most fancam million views in EXO.


Sehun - the perfect visual

Sehun is a famous visual of SM in particular and the entire Kpop in general. Whether it is cool or cute, the maknae EXO can balance everything to occupy the spotlight on the stage. In addition to a beautiful face, Sehun also has an extremely attractive and extreme body. Sehun also successfully completed the role of a rapper and dancer in EXO with an attractive low voice.


D.O. - Seductive vocalist, idol taking on the most impressive acting field

D.O.'s charm comes from his own sweet and bold voice. As EXO's main vocal, D.O.'s high notes always make a strong impression on the listener. Not only that, but D.O. is also considered as one of the most successful acting idols with many impressive roles, recently the lead role in "100 Days My Prince".


Xiumin - "fake maknae" with no-age beauty

If it is a nonfan, looking at EXO's lineup, 90% of people will mistake the maknae of the group as Xiumin. Xiumin is known as the fairy with a no-age beauty, often mistaken as the youngest even though the male idol is the oldest brother of the group. Although not the main vocal of the group, Xiumin's voice is not flawed.


Chanyeol - the talented rapper owns the first 100 million views Korean OST

Chanyeol is a rapper with an impressive low voice. In addition to the main rap, Chanyeol also has parts in the group singing. In particular, Chanyeol is also capable of composing and producing music. This guy also owns the first OST in Korean history to reach 100 million views on YouTube.


Lay - China's most famous idol

As the only Chinese member of EXO and also promoting activities at home, Lay has a huge influence here. Having not appeared with EXO for a long time, Lay focused on being a solo singer. Since his debut with "Lose Control", Lay has had many extremely impressive achievements in the Korean - Chinese - American markets. In China, Lay often wins awards at the end of the year awards ceremony.


Suho - leader is famous for his enthusiasm

Suho has the most pre-debut practice time compared to EXO, so his working experience is much more experienced. He is a leader who always does his role well when he is strict in practice and warmly shares all the happy and sad stories with the members. EXO itself has gone through many great events since their debut up to now. Suho is a leader of the direction and full of responsibility for the whole group. Suho also showed his multi-talented talent when in addition to singing, he also tried his best as MC, a drama actor, especially excellent as a musical actor.