8 Funny And Relatable Fan Reactions to Kai’s First Solo Comeback

8 Funny And Relatable Fan Reactions to Kai’s First Solo Comeback

The duality!

EXO‘s Kai is making his first comeback as a solo artist and fans are overjoyed. Not only is it exciting to see him perform again, but fans are wondering what kind of sound inspired his new album Peaches, which looks like it has a brighter vibe than his debut album KAI, which featured more strong concept images. Here are some of the best fan reactions to the reveal, as well as some funny speculations as to what the album will be like.

Peaches Concept Image | @EXO/Twitter

1. Can’t handle it

One fan posted reaction memes to the change in banner and profile picture from the official EXO Twitter account, and it was extremely relatable.

2. Hard peach or soft peach…?

Someone tweeted a few images with such hilarious texts as, “Peach has entered,” “Is it a hard peach or a soft peach?” and of course, “Kai is peachy.”

3. Kai took over the internet

One person pointed out how Kai seemed to really take over Twitter, showing a screenshot of all the trending hashtags about his solo comeback.

4. What’s the vibe?

A fan gave the concept some thought, wondering whether what a peach symbolizes is going to be part of the concept for the album and concluding that, at the very least, it would reveal a new facet of Kai as an artist. An exciting thought!

5. He spoiled it and we missed it

Someone hilariously pointed out that Kai had clearly revealed the title of his album in his Youtube series when he held up a peach and said that he wanted to eat peaches. Do you also think that was a clue?

6. Make way for the king

An EXO-L posted a sexy video of Kai looking like a boss, with the caption, “anyway…he’s on his way to dominate the kpop industry.”

7. The duality

Many fans hilariously pointed out the difference in tone between Kai’s first album and Peaches, and this was one great meme that accurately depicts that difference.

8. Ogling the peach

Lastly, there was this extremely relatable meme in reaction to Peaches. After all, Baekhyun has been the subject of relatable memes for a long time.

What are your thoughts on Kai’s new comeback?