Jaden Smith Suspiciously Posted This On Instagram, Is He Showing Love To Lisa?

Jaden Smith Suspiciously Posted This On Instagram, Is He Showing Love To Lisa?

A suspicious yet cute act of Jaden towards Lisa, what does that mean?

BLACKPINK is getting recognized and loved not just by the fans but also celebrities, even famous artists from Western countries. And BLINKs all love those interactions moments of BLACKPINK and other famous figures from the West, as it shows the acknowledgment of them towards the girls. The time when BLACKPINK performed at Coachella was one of the most unforgettable milestones not only for the YG girls but also K-Pop.

And in that time, we had the chance to see BLACKPINK express their professional sides in one of the biggest music events on the planet. Besides, that is the lovely moments when Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo making friends and being loved by other worldwide artists. Some, after that, even become close friends, like Jaden Smith - son of Hollywood star Will Smith. He and BLACKPINK had a little lovely chat and taken pictures together.

Recently, the bang of Lisa becomes more trendy than ever because of how gorgeous she looks when saying goodbye to the thick bangs as she has always worn since debut.

The main dancer of BLACKPINK has felt more confident and comfortable with her forehead as she posted this simple yet elegant black and white picture of her laying freely on the floor, and her stunning forehead line being exposed to the fullest. She doesn't try to pose or look so cool, just relaxing and makes the whole world admire. The hashtag #Lisabangless even becomes trendy in many countries, such as the Philippines.

But Jaden's act has made it gain more attention when he posted the bangless picture of Lisa on his Instagram story.

So her visual maybe so stunning and out of the world that makes Jaden couldn't help but repost it on his personal Instagram story. It can be seen that the female singer doesn't hesitate to express his inner Blink and adoration towards BLACKPINK, especially Lisa.

This has become a lovely act of him under the meaning of admiration, nothing relevant further than that. Or is it?

In the end, one thing fans could understand that BLACKPINK is gaining the success and recognization they deserve from the rest of the world.

Let's all take a longer moment to appreciate Lisa bangless before she decides to have her bang soon.


BLACKPINK Lisa Tops Trending Just Because She Does This

During the 4 years of debut, the beauty of Lisa (BLACKPINK) has been increasing clearly, but the "unchanging" bangs of the female idol have not changed. Therefore, every time she reveals her forehead, it becomes a hot topic on forums.

Recently, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has surprised netizens when he slicked her bangs aside, showing off her extreme figures. on her personal page. Every line on the female idol's face is sharp, the bridge of the nose is straight like a slide, and her forehead is revealed thanks to her bangs. After just over 4 hours of posting, the photo has received more than 2.4 million "heart drop" times. Even this photo also reached the top trending in the Philippines.

The fan-edit version of this holy moment of Lisa...

Since 2016, Lisa has always been known for her "untouchable" bangs. Particularly, her hair has been discussed many times by netizens. In the show Knowing Brothers, Lisa once joked that she would not remove her bangs if she was not paid 10 billion won. But recently, Lisa has been exposed to more of her forehead and has continuously caused fever on social networks.

This maybe because the main dancer of BLACKPINK has already received that much of money or she finally feels comfortable and confident with her no-bang self. One thing that can't be denied, is that Lisa looks like a living doll in whatever she does.

Do you like Lisa without bangs?