Is BLACKPINK Lisa Not POPULAR When Being Completely Absent on Most Searched Female Idols Lists?

Is BLACKPINK Lisa Not POPULAR When Being Completely Absent on Most Searched Female Idols Lists?

Earlier this month (Dec.), Google Data revealed their top most-searched idols in South Korea and Japan. BTS and TWICE dominated both lists. Surprisingly, not all of the BLACKPINK members were present.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Google Data released the data of the top most-searched female idols in Japan this year, 2020. All of the TWICE members ranked within the top 10. The first BLACKPINK member to make the top 20 is Jennie at number eleven, followed by Jisoo at number thirteen. Rosé also made the list at number eighteen. The only BLACKPINK member to not rank within the top 20 is Lisa.

Jennie is at #11...

... Lisa is completely absent..

On Thursday, Dec. 10, Google Data released a similar list, except focusing on the top most-searched female idols in South Korea for the year. In South Korea, BLACKPINK's Jennie is the only member of her group to make the top 10, ranking at number four. The next member to make the top 20 list is Jisoo, ranking at number seventeen. Both Rosé and Lisa are absent from South Korea's list.

Overall, on both lists, Lisa is not seen even with the top 25 positions.

The idol has since been ridiculed for not making the list, with people claiming she is only famous in Southeast Asia and not in the countries she is most active in, South Korea and Japan. People noted that in South Korea, her reputation and popularity is not as high as Jennie, and BLACKPINK's overall popularity in Japan is not as high as TWICE's.

Some people have taken extreme lengths to ridicule Lisa, saying that she is just another "hot girl on social media" and that her reputation is just based on social media rather than her activities as a member of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, BLACKPINK. Of course, this is just the minor opinions of some people because there is an actual fact that no individual member has the right to promote or have their own solo activities without the company's plans. This means all of the events or shows that Lisa attends are planned and scheduled for her, under the name of BLACKPINK. Besides, the main dancer has been invited to famous fashion shows mostly because of her title as the ambassadors for various world-wide brands. Not to mention that with the reputation of BLACKPINK, their influence on the fashion world is not undeniable.

People have also stated that Lisa's bright, modern personality does not suit the taste of Japanese fans and the country's general public, meaning it makes sense that Lisa is not among the top-searched idols in that region. In South Korea, Jennie is arguably their most well-known member, and there is still a bias against foreign idols by Koreans.

But just because Lisa does not appear in both lists does not mean she is not popular. Lisa is the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram, with over 43.4 million followers as of press time. Back in 2019, Lisa was seen in attendance at the Celine Fashion Show for Men's Spring Summer 2020 Collection in France for Paris Fashion Week. After she published a photo of her with a Celine bag, the global searches for that item increased by 66%.

Lisa is also extremely popular in China and is arguably the most famous BLACKPINK member in that country. Lisa found popularity in that country for her appearance as a dance mentor on iQiyi's "Youth With You". Due to her fame in the country, Lisa became the new spokesperson for D&G Downy in China. She also became the spokesperson for China's largest dairy company, Mengniu Dairy's yogurt product, Zhengouli. She is also the spokesperson for Tencent Game's new mobile video game, Brawl Stars.

Additionally, Lisa was named the third most beautiful face in the world by TC Candler in 2019, proving her overall popularity worldwide.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals The Member She Is Closest To

During an interview on Line TV, Lisa was asked various questions, one of which was, “Which member that you’re closest to the most?” When Lisa got asked this question, she began by stating that she’s close to all the members.

However, if she had to pick one member, then she would pick Rosé since they’re the same age and can talk about everything with each other.

Lisa and Rosé have spent many days at their dorm together, which helped strengthen their bond.

Lisa also shared that if they want to have a meal, then they would just go and then immediately come back to their dorm.

Here’s the full video below!