Famous Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Chooses Lisa as One of The Best Dancers in K-Pop

Famous Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Chooses Lisa as One of The Best Dancers in K-Pop

Being praised by fans is just a thing, but even professionals praise your talents, it means you're truly the stars.

Bae Yoonjung is the CEO of YAMA&HOTCHICKS Entertainment and has been a dance coach and choreographer for many idols and companies. She's famous for creating many viral choreographies for K-Pop groups and being the talented dance mentor for "Produce" survival show. Every K-pop idols who are in charge of the dancer in their groups admire her and terrify at her at the same time because of her strict supervisors and high standards she requires for a dancer.

Recently, Bae Yoojung appeared on a talk show when she was asked who is the best dancer in K-Pop these days.

The famous dance coach said that there are many good dancers, and now it's quite hard to find a bad dancer. However, if mentioned the legend-state and she would choose at least 3 names, the Bae chose IZ*ONE Chaeyeon, Chungha, BLACKPINK Lisa, and Red Velvet Seulgi.

Q: Who do you think is the best dancer in K-Pop?

BYJ: There are so many. Honestly, it's difficult to find a dancer with poor skills in K-Pop these days.

Q: How about people at the legend-level? Give us at least 3 names

BYJ: IZ*ONE Chaeyeon, Chungha, BLACKPINK Lisa and Red Velvet Seulgi.

It is not the first time Lisa - the main dancer of BLACKPINK is highly praised by professionals for her dancing skills.

Since the first dance practice of BLACKPINK uploaded by YG, when the girls were still trainees, Lisa's performance and skills were viral as the "blonde girl". Back in that time, Lisa portrayed the image of a wild, rock-chick vibe mixed with Western beauty. This made her stand out not only with Korean fans but also international fans.

After that, Lisa never hesitates to prove that she's born to dance and the stage is where she belongs. Her smooth movements, impressive facial expressions, excellent delivery through her body, all of those combined make people can't take their eyes off Lisa whenever she's on stage. This dance practice is still famous and makes BLINKs want more since BLACKPINK is lack of these kinds of hard choreography with their songs. And for Lisa, fans claim that she is still holding back a lot.

Here are another solo dance stage of Lisa when she burned the stage and stole everyone's hearts when she danced to "Swalla" in BLACKPINK tour in Bangkok.

And this is Lisa's LILI's FILM #3 where her hotness explodes!