BLACKPINK Become Rival As All of Members Dominate The 1st Floor Of Department Store

BLACKPINK Become Rival As All of Members Dominate The 1st Floor Of Department Store

BLACKPINK is one of the well known K-Pop groups out there with a stunning amount of fans from all over the world.

Each of the girls is also ambassadors and even muses of luxury fashion brands such as 'Chanel', 'Celine', 'Saint Laurent' and even 'Dior'. Not only the fashion industry, BLACKPINK also spread their visuals and influences in the beauty aspects since all of them are the representatives of beauty brands from all over the world: Jennie is the new face of Korean beauty brand HERA, Jisoo is the ambassador of Dior beauty, Rosé is the brand ambassador of YSL beauté while Lisa is the global ambassador of MAC.

Recently, a post in an online community had caught the attention of netizens as they noticed how each of the BLACKPINK members was 'fighting' against each other in department stores.

Jennie was seen in the 'Hera' corner and Jisoo was seen representing 'Dior'.

As for Lisa, she could been seen in the 'MAC' section and Rosé in the 'Saint Laurent' section too!

It is interesting to see how each of the members is on display at the beauty and cosmetic section, being 'rivals' of each other. Those who had seen the photos mentioned that it is not easy to see all the members of a group being chosen to represent different brands.

Since the 1st floor of the department store usually sells beauty and cosmetics, many were also sharing that it is impossible for any shoppers to not notice them at all.

Some also commented that they would love to test out the products that they are representing. Others also mentioned that the girls are truly gorgeous in the photos.

Which brand would you visit if you were to be in the department store?