BLACKPINK Rosé Once Saved By Girl's Day Hyeri From Being Taken Inappropriately

BLACKPINK Rosé Once Saved By Girl's Day Hyeri From Being Taken Inappropriately

Here’s how “Hyeri Unnie” handled that business.

In a recent episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, best friends Girl’s Day Hyeri and BLACKPINK Rosé revealed their favorite hangout activity: Going to the fish market and stuffing themselves with fresh seafood!

One day, as usual, Hyeri and Rosé got together to eat some marinated crabs at the Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market. And as best friends do, the two got comfortable and completely indulged in the feast.

"Oh, we were seriously stuffing ourselves with the seafood. Like, licking our fingers and stuff…"

— Rosé

That’s when Hyeri noticed a group of foreigners, dining at a different table, taking pictures of them. Rosé also realized that some unwanted pictures may have been taken and asked Hyeri what they should do.

While, as K-Pop idols, neither Hyeri nor Rosé is shy in front of a camera, they decided — in this case — they are uncomfortable with having their pictures taken without consent.

"It’s not like we posed for those pictures, you know? We were literally busy stuffing our faces with food… We don’t really want to be photographed like that."

— Hyeri

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Hyeri then asked Rosé for a quick English 101, before taking off to confront the foreigners! Though totally surprised, Rosé completely fell in love with how Hyeri handled the situation.

"She got up all of a sudden, so I was like, "Oh boy, what is she trying to do?’ She walked right over and asked, ‘Excuse me. Did you take a picture?’ She asked me how to say those things, so I thought she would go over and ask quietly. But no! She got right to business! I was like, ‘Wow. Daebak. She’s amazing.'"

— Rosé

Rosé claimed that, thanks to Hyeri, the foreigners immediately apologized for taking the pictures without permission and deleted them. Hyeri added, “With social media and everything, it’s kind of risky to have pictures taken that way.”

"You know, with social media and everything, it’s kind of risky to have pictures taken that way… It can create too much talk. Besides, my bestie is a global superstar. So I had to take action!"

— Hyeri

Where did that leave us? Wanting this wholesome and absolutely adorable friendship to last always and forever!

Watch the full clip here.

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Sister of BLACKPINK Rosé Alice Reveals Just How Passionate Foodie Rosé Is

BLACKPINK Rosé and her older sister Alice showed off their close relationship in a fun interview where Alice lovingly exposed some interesting facts about her younger sister.

During the latest “ROSÉ “On The Ground” | Countdown to Premiere” episode of RELEASED, Alice was asked several questions about Rosé, including a fun fact that fans might not know about her.

"What’s something that Rosé’s fans would be surprised to know about her?"

— Producer

Alice indeed revealed something quite fascinating about Rosé! According to Alice, Rosé’s nickname back in school was “Porky Pig.”

"I think her friends used to call her Porky Pig."

— Alice

Alice explained the meaning of Rosé’s mysterious nickname and shared that Rosé earned the nickname because of how much she would spend at the school cafeteria.

"She would splurge out at the school canteen all the time."

— Alice

In full agreement, Rosé confirmed the surprising fact and shared that she used to eat a lot and still does to this day.

"Yeah, I used to eat a lot and I think I still do. Yeah, I love eating."

— Rosé

Though Rosé’s nickname of “Porky Pig” may have come up as a surprise, the fact that Rosé is a huge foodie comes as no shock. BLINKs know Rosé’s love for some yummy food! Through shows such as BLACKPINK HOUSE and more, Rosé has always shown her big love of food! Because of her slim figure, many fans were fascinated to see Rosé as a big foodie!

No matter what she eats, she manages to make the food look so delicious! It’s truly adorable and charming!

Check out the video below:

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What Does BLACKPINK Rosé Eat Before a Performance And Tips To Not Gain Weight?

BLACKPINK's Rosé Dishes on Her Must-Have Meals and Why She Does Not Gain Weight

On the Mar. 14 airing of SBS's "My Little Old Boy," BLACKPINK's Rosé made an appearance as a special MC. During the episode, Rosé was asked if she had any special ritual she does before getting on stage.

Rosé then revealed, "Rice. I make sure to eat a Korean meal with rice before I go on stage. This is a must. If I do not eat rice, I can't finish the performance. The arm loses strength, and it becomes like seaweed. I tried to eat just bread, but it doesn't work the same."

As the episode continued, cast members Lee Sang Min and Oh Min Seok were seen eating tteokbokki. There, Rosé revealed, "I also like tteobokki! My favorite brand is yeoptteok."

She further revealed that Rosé always eats tteokbokki when she has schedules and that "I just eat it deliciously without worrying about gaining weight."

However, the idol revealed that she is not good at eating spicy food. So that she is able to eat the tteokbokki, she separates the rice cakes and the sauce into separate cups.

Hearing about Rosé's eating habits appeared to bewilder the MCs, who asked Rosé how she was able to eat so well but not gain weight. They asked her, "Are you exercising a lot? Why are you not gaining weight? There might be people who are watching right now that are getting annoyed," Shin Dong Yeop jokes. "Do you digest well? Do you go to the bathroom often?"

His comments drew laughter from the cast, including Rosé. Though she did not explicitly state why she does not gain weight, it appears the idol simply has a fast metabolism. She is also practicing for more than 12 hours during the promotional period, meaning she definitely gets her daily sweat it. Some people are just born with naturally slim bodies, and it appears Rosé is one of those people.

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Rosé Talks about Her Friendship with Girl's Day's Hyeri

During the episode, Rosé also dished about her friendship with Girl's Day's Hyeri. The idol named Hyeri as her best friend in the industry, saying, "Unnie really takes care of me well. We also communicate well with each other. Unnie has a younger brother, and I have a younger sister, so we get along well together."

Shin Dong Yeop agreed with Hyeri, saying that when he worked with Hyeri on "Amazing Saturday," he was able to feel good vibes while around the idol-actress. Rosé agreed with his statements, saying, "Many people think Hyeri is just a funny unnie, but she is very smart."

Did you watch Rosé's episode of "My Little Old Boy?"

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BLACKPINK Rosé 'On The Ground' Ranks #1 On iTunes Song Chart In 51 Countries Around The World

Rosé's solo single album title track 'On The Ground' topped the iTunes Song Chart in 51 countries, including the United States, as of March 13. Not only the U.S., but also Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile have been taken over by Rosé, giving a glimpse to her strong presence in the mainstream pop market.

In addition, the song also dominated the iTunes World Wide Chart by topping several Asian countries including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam as well as Spain, France, Greece, Portugal, and Turkey.

Although all the lyrics of the song are in English, it also has a great echo on the domestic music charts. As soon as 'On The Ground' was released at 2 PM KST on March 12, it went straight to No. 1 on Bugs and Genie. In addition, it topped Melon in half a day.

Less than a day after the music video for 'On The Ground' was released on YouTube, it has already garnered more than 35 million views, gaining explosive popularity. It is certain to be the most watched video in 24 hours on YouTube by a solo K-Pop artist.

Thanks to this popularity, YG Entertainment released a making film of 'On The Ground' music video. The music video is attracting global fans with its colorful and marvelous visual beauty, combined with Rosé's rich emotional performance. The making film also caught the eye of viewers with its cinematic atmosphere and Rosé's sincerity.

In particular, BLACKPINK member Jisoo visited the filming site to cheer for her. Jisoo constantly encouraged Rosé and gave fans a glimpse of their strong loyalty and extraordinary affection. Actress Hyeri, known as Rosé's best friend, also gave her a snack truck. Rosé, who had strong support from her acquaintances, focused on filming without showing signs of exhaustion and produced high-quality results.

Rosé's influence had been predicted to some extent, though. The physical album of her first single album '-R-', which will be officially released on March 16, has already surpassed 400,000 pre-orders, breaking the record for a K-Pop female solo artist.