BLACKPINK Lisa Was Touched By This Act of A “Youth With You 3” Trainee

BLACKPINK Lisa Was Touched By This Act of A “Youth With You 3” Trainee

Lisa is not only an idol, she's an inspiration for everyone and their motivation.

BLACKPINK Lisa is the one and only dance mentor for the male trainees of IQIYI‘s Youth With You 3. She’s had many interactions with them from afar, from giving them meaningful advice to joking around. In one trainee’s case, she was touched by his effort to communicate with her in her mother tongue, Thai, and she wasn’t shy to show her gratitude!

It was none other than 26-year old IKELILI who impressed Lisa right away by greeting her in her native language.

"Oh! Sawadee krap [hello]."

— Lisa

After performing his original song, “THANK YOU,” Lisa had only good things to say about him.

"I just want to say, you are very cute. I really liked the ‘THANK U’ move. Your performance was great. You were very charming."

IKELILI went a step further than most trainees by not just memorizing how to say “hello” but also “I like you” in Thai. From Lisa’s reaction, it was obvious that she was touched!

"Chãn chôrb khun mak [I like you], Lisa!"


The other trainees didn’t understand what he said, so he translated for the audience.

"I learned a few words. I said, ‘Lisa, I like you.’"


As a parting thanks, Lisa told him, “Thank you. Good luck!” while everyone looked on with envy!

"Why didn’t I learn that?"

— Trainee

Hope to see more of the sweet interactions between Lisa and the trainees in the future.


5 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Served Looks In The Same Outfits As Boy Group Idols

Clothes have no gender, and that’s something BLACKPINK‘s Lisa knows well. The style icon is known for wearing androgynous and neutral fashion, and sometimes she even finds herself accidentally twinning with boy group idols.

1. Lisa & Jimin (BTS)

Lisa and BTS’s Jimin both wore this teddy college wool jacket from Celine, worth around $2,600 USD. Lisa sported it at the airport in January last year, pairing it with a black cropped tee, black skinny jeans with ripped knees, and chunky white sneakers.

Jimin wore the jacket in February last year during a Today Show appearance. Just like Lisa, he wore a black, high-knee tee and black pants with the piece.

2. Lisa & Jungkook (BTS)

Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook both wore this bleach-dyed red check shirt from NONAGON, worth around $330 USD. Lisa donned it in multiple Instagram photos back in 2018, including one where she paired the shirt with track pants, Adidas sneakers, and faux spectacles.

Jungkook wore the shirt in the “Euphoria: Theme of LOVE YOURSELF – Wonder” video in April 2018, pairing it with a white undershirt.

3. Lisa & Sehun (EXO)

Lisa and EXO’s Sehun both wore this monogram stripe print t-shirt from Burberry, worth around $480 USD. Lisa wore it to the airport in July 2019, pairing the tee with high-waisted Balenciaga jeans and a small Chanel bag.

Sehun sported the shirt during an airport appearance in August 2018 along with a black cap and Nike track pants.

4. Lisa & Taeyong (NCT)

Lisa and NCT’s Taeyong both wore this cartoon print t-shirt from Vetements, worth around $650 USD. Lisa wore it in an Instagram photo from May 2019, taken in Barcelona. She paired it with high-waisted denim shorts from Levi’s.

Taeyong had the t-shirt on during a live broadcast in July 2017, where he also wore a black bucket hat.

5. Lisa & Chanwoo (iKON)

Last but not least, Lisa and iKON’s Chanwoo both wore this Sherpa collar denim jacket from Levi’s—the cheapest piece on this list at around $198 USD. Lisa donned it for an Instagram photo taken in December 2018. In the picture, her oversized pink beanie from Acne Studios is also visible.

Chanwoo also wore it in December 2018 during an airport trip. He paired the jacket with a black sweater and black jeans.


12 Moments BLACKPINK Members Steal Clothes From Each Other

The four BLACKPINK members have time again proved that they have the cutest relationships with one another. One example is when they borrow each other’s clothes! With four style icons in one group, it’s probably impossible to not want to borrow from one another. The girls have proved this several times and it’s cool to see how each style the same piece of clothing!

Here are 12 times the BLACKPINK members borrowed from each other’s closet!

1. This white cardigan

Jennie and Rosé both have a classy sense of style so it’s no wonder why they’d both want this cute little cropped cardigan!

2. This lovely dress!

This predebut photo Rosé gained a lot of attention for many reasons and later gained eyes again after Lisa was spotted in the same dress. Both look stunning in it!

3. Rosé and Jennie in Saint Laurent shirt!

Looks like Rosé and Jennie have the same taste in fashion. Look how chic they are able to make a simple black t-shirt!

4. The cute unnies of BLACKPINK

Jennie and Jisoo appear to both be a fan of The Beatles sharing this cute white The Beatles shirt! It’s interesting to see the member’s individual styling of one shirt! Both looks are nice!

5. Jennie and Rosé put their own style to this Pulp Fiction shirt

Jennie and Rosé can’t seem to stop looking through each other’s wardrobe as they were seen sharing clothes again! How cute are they!

6. This hot top definitely had to be shared

This white cute crop top was seen on both Jennie and Lisa and both look stunning in it! The crop top is so cute how could you not want a turn in it?

7. Rosé and Jisoo rocking the same edgy top!

This shirt also seemed to be a favorite between the members as Rosé and Jisoo were both seen wearing it. Both look stunning in it! Honestly, they look amazing in everything!

8. Adidas is always keeping the girls warm

As many know, the BLACKPINK members participated in the Adidas campaign and they clearly love the brand!

9. Jenchoo!

It must be nice to live with someone who has the same style as you! Jennie and Jisoo certainly seem to have the same taste in fashion.

10. Jennie picking up some fashion looks from maknae Lisa

11. This top goes with everything

The girls even share outfits for their music videos and performances! It truly is a top that goes with everything! Jisoo was seen rocking the black crop top in their music video for BOOMBAYAH…

… Then Lisa was showing it off in Whistle…

… And Jennie took a turn in the top for a live performance!

12. Jennie and Rosé again!

These two are too cute! They truly do have a sibling relationship and we love it!