SZA Shared Why She Wants To Collab With BLACKPINK So Much After Rosé's Act

SZA Shared Why She Wants To Collab With BLACKPINK So Much After Rosé's Act

SZA revealed the kind of collaboration she and BLACKPINK could create.

Thanks to BLACKPINK Rosé, the group may be adding American R&B singer SZA to their list of collaborations, joining Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez.

During Rosé’s live broadcast for her birthday, one of the songs she listened to was an acoustic version of SZA’s “Good Days”. The moment didn’t go unnoticed by SZA, who posted on her Instagram story to wish Rosé a happy birthday.

In SZA’s recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed that was the moment she’d realized they were fans of hers. She said, “Oh, my God. So, I didn’t know that they f**ked with me, and when I saw Rosé playing my stuff on her birthday.

After that, SZA was amazed by her fans and BLINKs coming together. SZA said, “Their fandom, randomly, voluntarily linked with my fandom to do stuff together. It’s very cute.” They aren’t the only ones who could be joining up, either.

When the magazine asked about a collaboration between SZA and BLACKPINK, she was all for female empowerment and expressed interest in doing the track entirely in Korean.

"I think they’re the second K-pop group that has shown interest in me, but these are gals so I’m super all about the gals. I want to do something completely out of my box. I want to learn, and I don’t want to speak English on it, genuinely."


Despite their different sounds, SZA noted that they would create something unique. She said, “And BLACKPINK just seems like we would vibe together, but also we’re completely different. I want to do it!

Whether or not the collaboration comes true, fans are already anticipating the magic that BLACKPINK and SZA could create.


BLACKPINK Rosé Gets Fans Excited When Her Solo "Coming Soon" Teaser Passes Impressive Views

On Jan. 26, YG Entertainment surprisingly shared a 33-second teaser video via BLACKPINK's official YouTube account. Titled "ROSE - COMING SOON TEASER," the clip is obviously meant for BLACKPINK Rosé's long-awaited solo debut. Although, the song featured in the clip is not the title track for her solo album but a B-side single, according to her management agency.

BLACKPINK Rosé's "Coming Soon" Teaser Video Surpasses 40 Million Views

In the teaser video, scenes like BLACKPINK Rosé lying on the floor, a burning rose, the singer angrily throwing the rose and eating alone, and more can be seen. Plus, the lines, "All my love is gone, all my love is gone, now you're dead and gone" can be heard toward the end of the clip. With these, viewers were quick to learn that the B-side track is about heartbreak.

The song in the "coming soon" teaser video, which was later revealed to be titled "Gone," is said to be about a person whose love for her significant other is beginning to fade away. It was, in fact, performed for the first time at BLACKPINK's first online concert "THE SHOW" on Jan. 31 ahead of its official release. And as expected, many fans fell in love with the song, even CIX Bae Jinyoung couldn't stop listening to it.

And speaking of the official launch, BLACKPINK Rosé is yet to issue her solo album containing "Gone," but the "coming soon" teaser video for her solo debut already garnered incredible YouTube views just three weeks after it was dropped. As of Feb. 17, the clip has reached 40.7 million views, according to YG Entertainment.

What makes this achievement more impressive is that the clip is not even the official music video for BLACKPINK Rosé's solo track, which makes this very unusual. With a total of 57.3 million subscribers on the YG girl group's YouTube channel, the views of the clip are only 16.6 million views away to hit its total subscribers. This shows the large number of fans who are awaiting BLACKPINK Rosé's solo debut, and also proves the "Lovesick Girls" singer's global popularity.

BLACKPINK Rosé's Solo Debut Debut Reportedly to Take Place in March

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that BLACKPINK Rosé will be making her solo debut in March, although no official announcement has been made by YG Entertainment yet, the agency previously stated that the solo debut of the "DDU-DU DDU-DU" singer is coming soon. Also, they shared that the music video filming for her title track has already been completed.

Rosé will be the second BLACKPINK member to make her debut as a solo artist, following Jennie who released her solo track "SOLO" in November 2019. Even though the release of her solo album was initially set in June 2020, it was unofficially postponed since the company decided to launch an album instead of just a digital single.


6 Of BLACKPINK Rosé's Cutest Casual Outfits On Instagram And How Much They Cost

When it comes to K-fashion, we're always in awe of BLACKPINK's Rosé's impeccable sense of style! May it be a casual or elegant look, she always looks good in whatever she wears. Since we love seeing her posts on Instagram, we did our own *research* and discovered the brands that she wore on her photos, along with their corresponding prices!

Check out some of Rosé's best IG OOTDs!!

1. Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket in Wool

Price: $2,133 (around P102,000)

Rosie went all-black with this ensemble and it just gives so much classic school girl vibes! According to its website, the YSL varsity jacket has "leather trim around the shoulders and striped ribbed collar, cuff, and waistband." Talk about a luxury varsity jacket!

2. VEM.VER Punching Lace Blouse in Black

Price: $118 (around P5,600)

It's another black and white number from our girl and she looks downright cute with this VEM.VER cropped blouse! Other K-pop idols have also been spotted wearing this Korean brand and we totally understand why they love it—it's really in the details!

3. Jacquemus Alzou Cropped Mohair-Blend Cardigan In Dark Gray

Price: $320 (around P15,300)

Yup, Rosie has a thing for cropped tops! I mean, we'd also flaunt what we have with that figure. She paired her cardigan with mom jeans, so it looks elegant yet still casual. Nailed it!

4. Realisation Par The Devon In Flower Power

Price: $180 (around P8,600)

This Devon dress from the Australian brand Realisation Par looks perf on Rosé (who's already perf in our eyes)! Also, she just showed us that a sunny dress like this can also be worn at night. We're already imagining wearing something similar as we lounge by the beach!

5. Nieeh Sweatsuit Set in Pink

Price: $205 (around P9,800)

It's not just Rosé who loves the Korean label Nieeh—her fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo was also spotted wearing a tie-dye oversized hoodie from the brand! (READ: 6 Of BLACKPINK Jisoo's Cutest Instagram Outfits And How Much They Cost) This lounge set looks super cozy and comfy, we're already on our way to its website to add it to our cart. You too, right?

6. LUV IS TRUE DT Rose Vest + Button Skirt in Black

Price: Vest: $83 (around P4,000), Skirt: $81 (around P3,800)

Trust Rosé to look ~blooming~ in a rose-patterned OOTD (see what we did there?)! We're picking up layering tips from this cute number.