Top Most Handsome Actors In K-Dramas Chosen By Men

Top Most Handsome Actors In K-Dramas Chosen By Men

Recently, Korean media announced the chart of the most handsome actors in the eyes of Korean men. This survey involved 700 men between the ages of 20 and 39 for 4 consecutive years, answering questions every January every year.

From the male point of view, the concept of being handsome is very different from that of women. According to the survey results for 4 years, it can be seen that actor Jung Woo Sung led the most handsome actors list in the eyes of Korean men, the series of male gods Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun is absent and even Hyun Bin only appears in the rankings from last year.


In 2017, actor Jung Woo Sung led the list. As can be seen, Athena's style is very popular with Korean men and chosen as a role model. Following Jung Woo Sung is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki.

1st place: Jung Woo Sung


2nd place: Park Bo Gum


3rd place: Song Joong Ki



Jung Woo Sung continues to lead this year list with the number of votes away from the second-place winner, Won Bin. "The goblin uncle" Gong Yoo first appeared in the chart at No. 3, followed by Park Bo Gum, actor Song Joong Ki, "living god" Kang Dong Won and Jo In Sung.

1st place: Jung Woo Sung


2nd place: Won Bin


3rd place: Gong Yoo



The two leading positions of 2019 have no change from the previous year, when Jung Woo Sung and Won Bin are still on the throne respectively. Hyun Bin first appeared in the chart, ranked at No. 3. Behind are still familiar and famous names are Park Bo Gum, Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki.

1st: Jung Woo Sung


2nd place: Won Bin


3rd place: Hyun Bin



Hyun Bin suddenly rose to No. 1 with an overwhelming number of votes, pushing Jung Woo Sung to No. 2. Actor Won Bin is still stable at No. 3 in the chart. Park Bo Gum still ranked high when followed closely after. Next is Jang Dong Gun, Gong Yoo and 2 new faces Park Seo Joon, Jung Hae In to appear on this list.

1st place: Hyun Bin


2nd place: Jung Woo Sung


3rd place: Won Bin