Before shooting fame in K-Drama, Park Seo Joon had gone through a lot and Kim Soo Hyun turned out a major key for the successful Park Seo Joon actor like today.


Park Seo Joon is currently one of the brightest male idols on the small screen of Korea after starring in a series of hit works such as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and Itaewon Class.

Like many actors of the same age, Park Seo Joon has gone through a particularly difficult period at the beginning of the career and surprisingly, according to the Unique Entertainment show from OBS, Kim Soo Hyun is the person who plays an important role to open the door in the professional acting career for Park Seo Joon.


Specifically, Park Seo Joon soon completed his military service before debuting as an actor. After his demobilization, he attended many auditions but all failed and was heavily disparaged with comments such as “not possessing an actor’s face”, “less trendy” or “speaking like child”.

After successive failures, Park Seo Joon even thought about plastic surgery, but then calmed down and decided to continue to try silently to convince everyone with his own charisma.

Then, when Seo Joon was acting for a short film, Kim Soo Hyun introduced him to KeyEast Entertainment. The young actor at that time successfully signed a contract, had the first agency and officially entered the professional acting career. In 2011, he debuted as Bang Yong Guk in the music video I Remember and took on the role of Shi Woo in Dream High 2 in 2012.


Park Seo Joon stayed with KeyEast until July 2017 and changed to Content Y for a year before becoming a key actor of Awesome Ent, founded by his longtime manager.


Over the past eight years, from an unknown name being laughed at, the actor has become one of the top small screen male gods. His old friend introduced him to his first agency, Kim Soo Hyun, now also the “king of television” with many brilliant achievements. As an audience, let’s wait and see how the two upcoming talented actors will bring quality works to viewers.