The official announcement has been given out! The best friend duo: Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae will become director-actor bonds as Jung Woo Sung confirmed to appear in the upcoming film.


On August 21, the famous actor confirmed as he will be starring in the new movie “Hunt” (literal title), which will mark as the first movie to be directed by his best friend Lee Jung Jae.

The upcoming action movie tells the story of two ace National Intelligence Service (NIS) agents who uncover a shocking truth while searching for the person in charge of North Korean spies. Besides the position of directing the film, Lee Jung Jae also makes his appearance as agent Park Pyung Ho while Jung Woo Sung portrays the role of Park Pyung Ho’s colleague and rival Kim Jung Do.


The duo has been best friends for a long time since they were first started their acting career together. They previously starred together in the 1999 film “City of the Rising Sun,” making “Hunt” their first on-screen reunion in over 21 years.

“Hunt” is currently planned to begin filming in 2021.

In the meantime, you can watch more of Jung Woo Sung in his movie “The King”.