Reasons BLACKPINK Rosé Should Debut Her Spring 2021 Collection, By VOGUE UK

Reasons BLACKPINK Rosé Should Debut Her Spring 2021 Collection, By VOGUE UK

As house ambassador, BLACKPINK Rosé has her pick of pieces from Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent. So it mak...

As house ambassador, BLACKPINK Rosé has her pick of pieces from Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent. So it makes sense that the 23-year-old should make the most of the sartorial window and move between as many looks as is possible. Take, for instance, the last few days.


First up, Rosé and her BLACKPINK bandmates gave a stellar performance of “Lovesick Girls” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and while she rocked a tartan look to match Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa for the elaborate routine, Saint Laurent was her label of choice when it came to the band’s pre-performance interview.


Positioned in the middle of the group and taking the lead on answering questions, Rosé wore a sweet velvet tunic-style dress with a ruff-neck lace collar and trim.

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The dress is textbook Saint Laurent, marrying together sharp Parisian elegance with a softer, bohemian vibe thanks to the lace frills at the neckline, shoulders, and hem. At first glance, you could be forgiven to think it a simple update on a classic LBD, but the story behind it is, in fact, rather major. Rosé is wearing a look from the house’s yet-to-showcase spring 2021 collection. Just another day of fashion history for BLACKPINK!

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While her first Saint Laurent look of the week was centred around the codes that we’ve come to understand of Vaccarello’s vision, a second look — also from the yet to be unveiled collection — leans to the painterly prints that populated Yves Saint Laurent’s frilled dresses throughout the ’80s.


A quick look through the archive proves that vibrant frilled creations of the past have clearly inspired the contemporary take that Rosé chose to wear to appear on Good Morning America. She kept the puff-shouldered style fresh by teaming it with a cute heart-shaped belt and tying her signature pale pink locks in a loose chignon.


If Rosé’s previous looks weren’t already enough proof that she is a Saint Laurent ambassador for a new era, then we think this moment of her single-handedly revealing not one, but two, pieces from the next collection (before anyone else on the planet) seals the deal.