BLACKPINK Rosé Serves Various Stunning Selfies That Make Blinks Flutter

BLACKPINK Rosé Serves Various Stunning Selfies That Make Blinks Flutter

Rosé didn’t give us any time to prepare our hearts! It’s always a major win whenever BLACKPINK Rosé drops a new...

Rosé didn’t give us any time to prepare our hearts!


It’s always a major win whenever BLACKPINK Rosé drops a new pics or two on her Instagram but recently, Rosé didn’t just bless us all with a couple of selfies…she dropped more than a dozen stunning new gorgeous moments of her.


Promoting their new hit album, BLACKPINK just guested on the popular U.S. late show Jimmy Kimmel Live! as well as the popular U.S. morning program Good Morning America where they performed “Lovesick Girls” and dished on all kinds of topics through virtual live video chat sessions.

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While BLINK received plenty of amazing BLACKPINK content through their appearance, Rosé decided to give fans even more by sharing all of the gorgeous selcas she took behind the scenes.


In one set of photos, Rosé had hearts stopping as she shared the outfit she wore on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Dressed in a black dress with a white ruffled collar, she was pure elegance!

While those pics highlighted her sweet side, Rosé also came for hearts showcasing her extreme duality. Returning with even more selcas, Rosé shared her look for their “Lovesick Girls” stage.


Wearing a blue plaid crop top, black skirt, chunky belt, and suspenders, Rosé was a straight-up fierce goddess!


Leaving fans gasping for breath with all those pics, Rosé wasn’t done yet! Shortly after posting the pics for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Rosé returned with plenty more for Good Morning America!

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Launching the next attack on hearts everywhere, Rosé her pretty pink look for the morning show. Floral, feminine, and simply gorgeous!


Next up, Rosé was back in fishnets and a white dress decorated with suns, rainbows, and other colorful designs. Bright, chic, and fierce!


With Rosé delivering blow after blow with all those gorgeous selcas, BLINK everywhere were feeling very, very overwhelmed. Rosé, however, still wasn’t done!


Dropping one more set of photos, Rosé delivered the final one-two punch to BLINKs’ hearts!


Now, we don’t know about you, but we definitely haven’t recovered yet from the major blessing Rosé bestowed upon us all!


Be honest, is your heart still beating normally after these stunning selfie of Rosé?