23-member boy group NCT made a respectable achievement again, as preorders for their comeback with ‘NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt. 1’ recorded a massive number.


Pre-orders for NCT‘s second full-length album ‘NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1’ reached 1.12 million copies (as of October 11), being the group’s own highest number of pre-orders, heralding the rise of another million seller even before their comeback.

This album has a variety of music from NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV, as well as NCT U, a team that shows various combinations and colors according to the song, and is receiving high attention.

In particular, the title track ‘Make A Wish’ is a charming hip-hop beat-based pop dance song with catchy whistles and the energetic performances of Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas, Xiaojun, Jaemin, and Shotaro.

Earlier, to celebrate the comeback, from 5 PM KST on October 12, an hour before the release of the song, NCT’s ‘Make A Wish’ COUNTDOWN LIVE was held on Naver V Live, and seven members who participated in the title song made an appearance to communicate with fans around the world through various stories such as introduction of the new album and Q&A.