10 Artists Who Received The Most Views On YouTube From Korean Fans This Month

10 Artists Who Received The Most Views On YouTube From Korean Fans This Month

Do Koreans work hard to increase the view count of their beloved artists? Which artists were viewed the most by Korean people on YouTube in February 2001?


YouTube is one of the main places for international fans to show their support to their beloved K-Pop artists, but that doesn't mean Korean fans don't use YouTube. It's just that their preferences are often different from global fans, as they don't really follow international trends. Therefore, this list of Korean artists who recorded the most views from Korean fans will be very surprising. Not all world-famous K-Pop idol groups will be on the list, and some solo singers who you may not know will have a great advantage here.

Koreans are working hard to support which singers the most on YouTube these days? Below are the results compiled by Knet based on the total YouTube views in South Korea in February 2021.

No.10: TWICE - 12.7 million views

No.9: Jang Bum Joon - 12.8 million views


No.8: Lee Chan Won - 13.1 million views


No.7: IZ*ONE - 13.9 million views

No.6: SHINee - 14.5 million views

No.5: Brave Girls - 24.6 million views

No.4: BLACKPINK - 35.9 million views

No.3: IU - 41.2 million views


No.2: BTS - 45.1 million views

No.1: Lim Young Woong - 61.3 million views


Lim Young Woong excellently took the first place with 61.3 million views contributed by Koreans on YouTube. Meanwhile, BTS only came in second with 45.1 million views, quite far behind our Mr. Trot, who is the leading phenomenon in the Korean music industry at this time. Ranked 3rd is the 'digital queen' IU with 41.2 million views.


In this chart, Brave Girls with their huge sleeper hit 'Rollin'' also collected 24.6 million views last month. The newly emerged girl group ranked 5th, following the number of 35.9 million views of BLACKPINK.

We can see that 6 out of 10 places in the lost belong to K-Pop idol groups, but it seems that Koreans are still quite 'cold' to them, so the total view contributed by Koreans in the month is not too high. TWICE, which has always been famously loved by Knet, has just barely enough views to rank 10th.


Some comments of Knet:

- Lim Young Woong ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ My mom watches his videos all day.

- My mom loves Lim Young Woong... She doesn't know digital music sites, so she continues to listen to his songs on YouTube.

- In Korea, Lim Young Woong's fandom seems to be the biggest!

- Now BTS and BLACKPINK are the two most popular idol groups in Korea.

- Wow, there is also SHINee!!

- I did not expect to see Brave Girls in this list.

- IZ*ONE is also loved by Korean fans!

- My mom only listens to music on YouTube, and the aforementioned solo singers are my mom's favorites.

- Our parents contribute a lot of views to Lim Young Woong.

- The only male K-Pop idols appearing in the rankings are BTS and SHINee.

- Lim Young Woong is really awesome, Lee Chan Won is awesome too!

- Wow, Brave Girls is the best, it's a spectacular comeback!