Every member of a K-pop group is essential to the success of them as a whole, but according to fans and netizens, there will always be a member who can create a huge difference in their performance and popularity if they are not there among other members.

Compiling answers from various online communities, these following K-pop idols play the most important role in their groups, according to various netizens and fans; thus, without them, there will be a huge empty spot in their team. 

*Disclaimer: All of the members are indeed significant but these members play vital roles that would make the group incomplete according to fans and netizens.

1. BTS Jungkook  

BTS Jungkook is truly one of the most important members of BTS, as he is not only the main vocalist of the world-renown group, but he is also the lead dancer, sub-rapper, center, and visual. On top of it, he’s also the golden maknae and stan-attractor who’s contributing lots of support for the group.



With Lisa is the global fame and influence, she plays a vital role in the group not only as main dancer, lead rapper, and visual, but her wide-range popularity and the attention she’s getting from other countries including Thailand and China is essential for them to reach wide-range audiences.


3. Stray Kids Bang Chan

Stray Kids will not be possible without Bang Chan, and that’s a fact. From being a leader, composer, singer-songwriter, he takes his responsibilities seriously, and is truly a role model, and caring towards his other members.


4. Red Velvet Irene

Irene’s presence in Red Velvet is one of the most significant roles in the group as well. She’s the leader who carries the group with her all-rounder skills and talents. Her superior visual is also a plus for the group.


5. NCT/SuperM Taeyong

Currently, leading 22 members (NCT) after the addition of Shotaro and Sungchan, Taeyong is undoubtedly the perfect leader of the whole NCT. He has the dominant and fiery stage presence during a performance, but he knows well how to handle, guide, take care, and make the other members shine in their own ways.


6. TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon as the center is 100% on point. Aside from having a really nice vocal, she can also transform into any kind of image, depending on the concept of their music or release. Also, though she’s the oldest member, her fake maknae image, cute aegyo and pleasing personality captured several fans’ attention.


7. GOT7 Jinyoung

Though every member is a stan attractor, Jinyoung as a multi-talented is indeed needed in the group. Aside from his superb skills, his acting skills and fun attributes balanced the group really well.



Woozi is not only in charge of the cuteness of the group, but he’s truly important for the group as the leader of the vocal team. On top of this, he is also in charge of creating hit songs for the group.


9. EXO Kai 

EXO Kai is an all-rounder that will make a huge difference if he’s not in the group. He is the center, main dancer, and visual of the group. Furthermore, his duality is also being loved by fans and netizens, for being sexy and dominant onstage yet naughty and savage in reality.


10. (G)I-DLE Soyeon

Soyeon’s rapping skills, leadership, and written songs brought huge success for (G)I-DLE, thus she’s truly the “Ace” of the group. She brings more fans and creates a good reputation for the group.