11 K-pop Idols Want To Get Married At 30s + Their Ideal Types

11 K-pop Idols Want To Get Married At 30s + Their Ideal Types

Dating as a K-pop idol is hard enough, but what settling down and start a family is even more challenging.

However, idols are just human indeed, and they have their own lives to live and build with the person they love no matter what. These 11 idols have once revealed their dream for married life when they reach the 30s, as well as their ideal types.

1. SHINee Minho

In 2018, Minho and Taemin appeared at "KBS Cool FM's Moon Hee Jun's Music Show" to promote their album at that time. During the interview, a fan asked the members if what are their plans when they reach their 30s, and Minho answered, "I want to start a family soon."


Minho is currently 28 and will be returning from the military in November. He doesn't have a girlfriend right now (not confirmed), but as he shared, Minho's ideal type is a girl who loves sports just like him, with long hair and good fashion sense.

2. Girls' Generation Yoona

In 2012, the female idol with her outstanding visual in K-Pop shared that she'd be likely to get married when turning 32. Yoona even visualized her wedding ceremony will be organized classically.


At the age of 30, Yoona has no dating rumors right now, but her ideal type is a good guy and considerate just like her dad.

3. EXO Sehun

During an interview with Harper Bazaar in 2014, EXO Sehun shared that he would be ready for a married life at the age of 30 or more specifically, in his late 30s.


About the ideal type, he revealed that a woman with nice figure and pretty face, with a wise attitude. In addition, she is kind and can be able to take care of their family as well as the house chores.

4. Bae Suzy

In an episode of "Off the Record", Suzy was claimed that she would get married at the age of 31. The "Nation's First Love" later then revealed that she'd probably be able to become a wife when she's turning 34 years old.


Suzy's most recent public relationship was with Lee Dong Wook but the couple parted after months of dating. The 25-year-old actress/singer reveals that her ideal type is someone like Kang Dong Won.

5. EXO Baekhyun

EXO Baekhyun shared in an interview with Bazaar China that he wanted to get married after passing his 30s. He said that he really loves children and is even considering getting married but because of the busy schedule, he hasn't had a chance to find or date someone.


At the age of 28, his ideal type is described as a cute, polite, have a fragrance like laundry, not too tall, has fair skin and the most important factor is that he could get along with her for a long long time.

6. IU

In 2012, IU appeared on an episode of "Strong Hearts," and though she didn't specify the age that she wants to get married, she revealed that she wants to settle down and retire after getting married at a young age. That will be appearing on her 30s.

IU just wants to be a loving wife then and to build a happy family.


7-11. BTS

In 2015, all of the members of BTS were asked on a fan-sign about the age they are likely to get married, with the majority of the answers are at their 30s. Jin shared that married at 31 would be good when Suga answered at his 34th, while RM and Jimin gave a range between 32-33 and Jimin at 35-36.



Later, V also confessed that he would want to settle down for family life in his 30s while J-Hope and Jungkook want to get married later on.