BTS Jin has been reported to be the host of his older brother’s wedding held today. His fellow members RM and J-Hope also attended the ceremony.


On August 8, various photos were released on the online community and SNS, showing BTS Jin hosting his older brother’s wedding ceremony.

It was reported that BTS RM and J-Hope also attended the wedding and Lee Hyun sang a wedding song. Jin reportedly wanted to sing a wedding song, but BTS’s song was called ‘FAKE LOVE’, so he joked about it and made the wedding atmosphere more warm and amicable.


Chef Lee Yeon Bok, who is known to be close to the idol, also attended the event, drawing attention.


Jin had previously hosted the wedding of his best friend for 15 years, so it wasn’t such a challenge for him to host his brother’s.

Meanwhile, BTS will release their new digital single ‘Dynamite‘ on August 21 and make their first performance through the ‘2020 MTV Video Music Awards’ on August 31.