Korean netizens recently made an interesting discovery about the two famous boy groups, BTS and NCT. Accordingly, BTS members RM and J-Hope once wore the same outfits as NCT members Yuta and Jaehyun, but in completely different contexts and times.

NCT Yuta, Jaehyun: Japan SPUR Magazine, March 2020


BTS RM, J-Hope: VOGUE JAPAN Magazine, August 2020


Reportedly, these costumes are all part of the men’s collection of Prada Spring 2020.

Many netizens started to compare the look and vibe between BTS and NCT when wearing the same outfits. Although some people think that RM and J-Hope look better, others argue that Yuta and Jaehyun are more impressive. At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion. However, most Korean netizens agree that the boys are all more better dressed than the models in the original Prada collection.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “BTS look luxurious and NCT look adorable.”
  • “NCT look better…”
  • “NCT are so handsome.”
  • “Yuta and Jaehyun’s faces say it all.”
  • “Sorry models, but these idols look better than you guys.”
  • “Both groups look better than the models.”
  • “The only thing to see here is their faces because the clothes are ugly.”
  • “I think J-Hope looks the best here.”
  • “I’m a different group’s fan but I have to admit NCT are handsome.”
  • “Jaehyun is really handsome, I understand why he’s the most popular member of NCT in Japan…”
  • “J-Hope and RM look better to me.”
  • “Their faces won everything. Both groups look much better than the models.”
  • “I don’t really care about the clothes, I just know that both NCT and BTS are very handsome.”
  • “It is impossible to bash NCT’s face.”
  • “I don’t know who they are, but to me, the former look better.”
  • “Regardless of the models, BTS’s style suits me better.”
  • “NCT’s face is crazy! Jaehyun is so handsome…”
  • “Hideous clothes… But the idols are very handsome hahaha.”
  • “Namjoon looks so sexy.”
  • “Regardless of the outfit, I just know that Yuta is so handsome…”

Who do you think look better in those Prada outfit, BTS or NCT? Please share your opinion.