Singer IU has turned into “New employee Lee Jidong”, a made-up character, to talk about her recent and future activities.


IU’s official YouTube channel posted a video titled ‘New employee Lee Jidong’s ASMR’ on September 8.

In the video, the solo artist turned into a new assistant and answered several questions from fans.

First, IU said, “I don’t have any plans for an online concert this year. Instead, we are preparing for various other events.”

She revealed, “It’s a top secret, but I’m working on a full-length album. So I’m going to release an album this year in time for a concert. Since it’s a full-length album, we’ve been working on it for a long time and we’re going to release it unexpectedly.”


She added that she is also preparing for the 2nd season of ‘IU’s Homebody Signal’. The 27-year-old singer said, “‘IU’s Homebody Signal’ was originally planned for 10 episodes. But fans love it so much that I’m preparing for season 2. I think they’re growing the board because the content is better than planned. From the content to the guests, we are organizing events that UAENA (IU’s fan club) would like.”

“The official cafe ID has been hacked,” IU also shared about the reason for the lack of fan cafe activity. “I lost my account now. However, if I change the password, it will be hacked, and if I change it again, it will be hacked again, and I’ve given up. Sooner or later, I will renew my ID and sign up again.”

Watch the full video of ‘New employee Lee Jidong’s ASMR’ below”