The first trailer for director Yeon Sang Ho’s ‘Peninsula is finally here, ready to give viewers a major blood rush with its immense-scale zombie action.


Peninsula‘ is the official sequel film to director Yeon Sang Ho’s hit zombie thriller ‘Train To Busan’, continuing the storyline 4 years after the events on the train. The Korean peninsula has been largely abandoned by civilization, but those left behind still struggle to survive.

In the film’s first trailer, the story’s male lead Jung Suk (played by Kang Dong Won) enters the abandoned peninsula in order to investigate the state of the overrun city, alongside Min Jung (played by Lee Jung Hyun). There, the two discover that the zombies have developed heightened senses toward light and hearing, while the remaining humans have digressed to foul lifestyles.

The movie is slated to premiere this summer of 2020 worldwide.