On August 27, after the first two episodes aired, the K-drama “Alice” starring Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won quickly became top trending of the keywords searched on Naver.


Specifically, “drama Alice”, “Alice” occupied 1st and 2nd place while the phrase “age of Joo Won” was at No. 15.

Not only getting recognition from the viewers by the attractive content, Alice’s attack in the middle of the night also came from Joo Won’s aging beauty over the years. When wearing a high school uniform combined with shiny skin without any wrinkles, the actor made many viewers believe that he wasn’t 33 years old like his real age.


Compared to the current image of Joo Won from the period of the King of Bread or the Mask of Heroes, perhaps just a few people realize that these are dramas that have been broadcast for 5 years.


Alice is Joo Won’s first project since demobilization. In the movie, Joo Won plays the role of Park Jin Gyum – an inspector who never shows his emotions, always holds to his intention to avenge his mother’s suspicious death.

While investigating for a mysterious case, he realizes the existence of time travel. They come from the future through a cosmic space called Alice. Gradually, he became the one to prevent negative things from happening through this place.