'Alice' makes people 'crazy' after 4 eps

'Alice' makes people 'crazy' after 4 eps

Although jointly exploiting the theme of the travel to the past similar to the blockbuster TENET, however, the Korean drama "Alice" still makes a strong impression thanks to its easy-to-understand but engaging storytelling style, plus the combination Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won.


Marking the return of two very talented actors Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won, Alice's TV work had a better performance, with ratings for the first 4 episodes 4.1%, 6.1%, respectively. 6.4%, 9.2%. Besides, the brainchild that director Baek So Chan holds also leads the ranking of the most searched keywords on both Naver and Daum.

Attractive content, amazing CGI


In the science fiction - action genre, the film revolves around a young policeman Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won), who is always haunted by the goal of finding the killer who murdered his mother. When investigating a certain case, he suddenly discovered the chain linking it with the death of his mother in the past. Since then, Park Jin Gyeom gradually realized, a mysterious force named Alice who has the ability to cross air is upsetting the peaceful life where he lives.

In order to prevent that, the police immediately found Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun), a genius physicist to learn the principle of time travel. Unexpectedly, the moment she met, she stunned Park Jin Gyeom by possessing the same appearance as the deceased mother. What relationship does Yoon Tae Yi and his mother have? What is the real goal the other group wants to aim for?

Launched at the same time as the TENET event - Hollywood blockbuster landed at the box office, Alice soon attracted attention when also exploiting the theme of cross-air, going back to the past. However, different from director Christopher Nolan's damaging way of telling, the Korean crew chose to lead the story simple but still extremely attractive.

Instead of confusing the audience with countless scientific concepts, the film focuses on portraying the potential dangers and consequences caused by time travel technology, thereby striking viewers' emotions through the journey. of each character. In addition to the fast and rushing rhythm, less fall into the tearful scenes, the work will make it difficult for you to take your eyes off the series of dramatic and unexpected developments throughout the 4 opening episodes.


In addition, the action elements in Alice are well-organized and cinematic, for example, like a high-speed car launch on a small road, through a crowded market at episode 1. Worthy Note, the sequence of Park Jin Gyeom chasing and shaking hands with a black-shirt agent is an extremely special highlight, not losing the blockbuster Fast & Furious.

The quality of the effects and graphics in the movie are quite realistic. For example, the minute pause when the male lead encounters his mother (rejuvenated version) is visually stimulating. Future weapons such as electron guns, EMP grenades, and drone reconnaissance aircraft make a good impression thanks to their unique design, which accurately reflects science fiction colors.

The gorgeous cast


As the first work since the demobilization date, Joo Won continues to make fans "gasp" because of his lasting beauty. Put on a high school uniform in the first 2 episodes, you certainly can't believe that this actor has turned 32. With his strength confirmed through a series of pushes like Bread King (2010), Mask Hero (2012), Genius Lang Hash (2015) … he will "cut down" fans by transforming into a cold policeman but possessing a warm heart.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun's seniors are not inferior to taking on two different roles of age and style: Park Jin Gyeom's mother and physicist Yoon Tae Yi. Like her younger brother Joo Won, with great acting techniques, Princess Ngoc Thau in which year in Mythology (2005) continues to cause nostalgia thanks to her salty beauty and plays a role in pushing the movie's emotions up to culminates in the first two episodes. In addition to the two veteran names mentioned above, Alice also brings together the stars who take on the sub-lines: Kwak Si Yang (The Lovely Witch), Lee Da In (Hoa Lang), Kim Sang Ho (Kingdom), Choi Won Young (SKY Castle) … Therefore, the drama is currently receiving a lot of expectations from the audience.