Alice: Super fascinating time travel drama

Alice: Super fascinating time travel drama

With the participation of Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun, Alice is a recently broadcast film that has received attention from a large audience.


After Saet Byul Convenience Store officially ended, Alice starring Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun is a serial drama. Although only showing the first 2 episodes, Alice immediately attacked the ranking of the most searched keywords on Naver. In which, the title of the movie "Alice" occupied 1st and 2nd place, and the phrase "Joo Won's age" also climbed to 15th place. This is the clearest proof of Alice's charisma.

Alice's content is simple but "knots" in a reasonable way


Alice explores the time travel theme written by screenwriter Kim Kyu Won, led by director Baek Soo Chan - who contributed to the success of The Girl Who Sees Smells and Beautiful Gong Shim. The film revolves around the story of police Park Jin Gyum (Joo Won) in the process of finding the cause of the mysterious death of his mother who discovers the existence of people from the future. Since then, all mysteries and questions about events that have been - will happen in the past, present, and future have been gradually revealed.

Naturally, Jin Gyum is a child who should not have been born in the present time stream. In the past, when returning to the past from the future to perform the task of taking the book of prophecy to change the heaven, Jin Gyum's mother - Kim Sun Yong (Kim Hee Sun) did not know she was pregnant.

When he found out that he had a baby, Sun Yong did not want to go back to the future where he truly existed, because, if passing through the black hole of time, the radiation would have a heavy impact on the child. That is why Jin Gyum was born and raised in time does not belong to him. At the same time, this event coincided with the first pages of the prophetic book Jin Gyum's mother had read out of curiosity, despite the ban of the organization she was serving.

Right from the first episode, no need for overly ostentatious, colorful, or "brain hacking" overlapping periods of time and space, Alice still creates the "bottlenecks" of stimulation. Like the imagination, curiosity of the audience, the success builds great expectation in future episodes.

The CGI is not too "complicated", but still achieved a radical effect


One of the most prominent advantages of Alice must include the "right time", "right range" techniques. Although Alice does not use too fussy, stylish and unnecessary exaggeration effects, Alice still brings the audience beautiful frames filled with sublimated emotions, fully expressing the spirit of a movie with an element of science fiction.

Alice is the first project since Joo Won's demobilization, and at the same time, is a milestone marking Kim Hee Sun's small-screen comeback after nearly 2 years of absence. Not only the visual and excellent acting skills of Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun ensure the emotional circuit of the film, Alice is also the place to gather quality sub-cast like Kwak Si Yang (Oh My Ghost), Lee Da. In (Hwarang), Lee Jae Yoon (Again Oh Hae Young), Choi Won Young (Heirs), Hwang Seung Eon (Let's Eat 2).

In terms of reality, with so much talent, Alice will definitely not disappoint the audience once it decides to join this time travel. To be more specific, even if the script unfortunately has a bit of defects, the set of excellent actors participating in acting is the factor "compensate", remove the gauze all the holes.

Alice airs every Friday and Saturday night on SBS.