Director Baek Soo Chan of SBS’ upcoming drama ‘Alice‘ expressed his high expectations for working with actor Joo Won.


A showcase for SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Alice’ (written by Kim Kyu Won, Kang Chul Kyu and Kim Ga Young, directed by Baek Soo Chan) was held online on the afternoon of August 25 with actors Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Kwak Si Yang, Lee Da In and director Baek Soo Chan.

On the same day, director Baek Soo Chan revealed that, “Isn’t this Joo Won’s first work after he was discharged from the military? I think I’m a lucky guy. When he was discharged from the military, he received a total of about 50 drama offers, and I’m honored to be his choice among them.”


He added, “The Joo Won I met was a very serious person. I took notes and talkedto Joo Won since the first meeting. I promised him that I’d make him look very cool, cute, and sad.”

‘Alice’ is a sci-fi drama about a magical time-traveling of a woman who resembles her dead mother and a man who loses his emotions. Actress Kim Hee Sun plays Park Sun Young, whose face resembles a genius physicist. Joo Won plays Park Jin Kyum, a congenital insensitive detective.


Alice will premiere at 10 PM KST on August 28.