The upcoming SBS drama, Alice has dropped a new teaser of its suspenseful and complicated plots!

“Alice” is a thriller in a sci-fi-action genre that tells about an emotionless detective (Joo Won) who discovers the existence of the time traveling and appears to get himself into a crossing path with a woman who resembles his dead mother (Kim Hee Sun).


The new teaser reveals the origin of Joo Won’s character, Park Jin Gyeom, who was born without emotions. His mother, Park Sun Young, overpassed a radioactive wormhole before giving birth to her son, which implies that her son might end up having strange powers.

Park Sun Young is tensely protective of her son when he is accused of pushing another student off the roof while in high school. While he was in the middle of the investigation for her son’s innocence, Park Sun Young is murdered.

Park Jin Gyeom vows to get revenge for his mother’s murderer and study to become a police officer to find the criminal. However, things are getting strange when unusual events happen more often in the nation with one thing in common: the suspects’ fingerprints don’t show up in any system.

While Jin Gyeom is the midst of this, he accidentally bumps into Yoon Tae Yi, a physicist who has an appearance similar to his dead mother. She is a totally different person so of course she denies being his mother, but agrees to recall a woman who looked identical to her before.

The strange events are being taken place by mysterious assassins wielding futuristic weapons from the year 2050, who uses a device called “Alice” to move through time.