Top 30 Best Vocalists in K-Pop Voted By Fans On KingChoice

Top 30 Best Vocalists in K-Pop Voted By Fans On KingChoice

Polling website KingChoice usually posts new Korean entertainment-related polls for fans to vote on every month, with topics ranging from top visuals to best actors and actresses to even favorite K-Pop ships.

For the month of April, the theme of the K-Pop poll on the site was the best vocalists in the industry! Included in the poll were both male and female vocalists, rather than being split into two separate polls as is oftentimes the case on KingChoice.

After hundreds of thousands of votes, here are who fans on KingChoice think are the top vocalists in K-Pop!

30. MJ (ASTRO’s Main Vocalist)

29. Joy (Red Velvet’s Vocalist)
28. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation Main Vocalist)
27. Xiumin (EXO’s Lead Vocalist)
26. Inseong (SF9’s Main Vocalist)
25. Donghae (Super Junior’s Lead Vocalist)
24. Jay B (GOT7’s Main Vocalist)
23. D.O. (EXO’s Main Vocalist)
22. Song (iKON’s Lead Vocalist)
21. Sunggyu (INFINITE’s Main Vocalist)
20. Sungjae (BTOB’s Lead Vocalist)
19. Mia (EVERGLOW’s Main Vocalist)
18. Kihyun (MONSTA X’s Main Vocalist)
16. Irene (Red Velvet’s Lead Vocalist)
15. Changmin (TVXQ’s Main Vocalist)
14. Nayeon (TWICE’s Lead Vocalist)
13. Onew (SHINee’s Main Vocalist)
12. Jihyo (TWICE’s Main Vocalist)
11. Jeongyeon (TWICE’s Lead Vocalist)
10. Hongki (F.T.ISLAND’s Main Vocalist)
9. Rosé (BLACKPINK’s Main Vocalist)
8. Daesung (BIGBANG’s Main Vocalist)
7. Yonghwa (CNBLUE’s Main Vocalist)
6. Taeyang (BIGBANG’s Main Vocalist)
5. Jungkook (BTS’s Main Vocalist)

4. Kim Hyunjoong

3. U-Know (TVXQ’s Main Vocalist)
2. Jaejoong (JYJ’s Main Vocalist)
1. Jin (BTS's Lead Vocalist)
------------------Top 15 Most Popular K-pop Idols in the United KingdomGOT7 Jackson is the Most Popular Idol in the United KingdomRecently, Idol Champ held a poll titled "The Most Popular Idol in the United Kingdom?" The first-place winner of the poll will receive a subway ad that will last from May 1 to May 31. The subway ad will be on a CM board and will be 21600 x 3840 (px) in size.
Securing the top spot and winning the subway advertisement is GOT7's very own Jackson! Jackson garnered 38.94% of the total votes.
Jackson released the single "LMLY" on Mar. 26. Not only did Jackson help write and produce the song, but the idol also wrote the script for the 80s Hong Kong film-inspired music video. He also helped direct the music video overall. The song talks about two people loving each other but holding it in and not approaching the other.
Jackson is planning to release an album later this year. Following his departure from JYP Entertainment earlier this year, Jackson has been focusing on his company, Team Wang. All things related to music will be under Team Wang Records, while his endeavors in fashion will be under Team Wang Design.For his activities in Korea, he will work alongside Sublime Artist Agency.BTS V is the Second Most Popular Idol in the United KingdomFollowing Jackson is BTS member V, who received 35.82% of the total votes and securing second place. Unlike Jackson, who is focused on his solo career, V is focused on his activities with BTS, with his solo career taking a back seat as BTS achieves stardom.
On Apr. 17, BTS held a compilation concert on their official YouTube channel titled "BANGBANGCON 21." On Apr. 1, BTS released their Japanese single "Film Out," which will be the title track of their upcoming Japanese-language compilation album.
On Mar. 24, BTS appeared on "You Quiz on the Block," which broke the show's rating records for viewership. Just a week prior, BTS performed at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, making them the first Korean nominee to have their own Grammy performance.These are the TOP 15 Most Popular Idols in the United Kingdom, According to Idol Champ:1. GOT7 Jackson - 38.94%2. BTS V - 35.82%3. SEVENTEEN Wonwoo - 9.79%
4. NCT Winwin - 5.13%5. BLACKPINK Jennie - 2.97%
6. EXO Sehun - 1.70%7. ATEEZ Wooyoung - 0.94%8. MONSTA X Hyungwon - 0.93%
9. TXT Taehyun - 0.86%10. ASTRO Moonbin - 0.86%11. Super Junior Eunhyuk - 0.69%12. TWICE Jihyo - 0.52%
13. WJSN Exy - 0.34%14. Stray Kids Han - 0.32%
15. LOONA Chuu - 0.12%----------------Top 9 Female Idols Selected as Ice Princesses of K-Pop by Korean NetizensWho are the gorgeous ice princesses of K-pop? 1. BLACKPINK JennieJennie is definitely one of K-pop's "it Girls." Due to her haughty visuals and cat-like features, Jennie is often called an "Ice Princess" for her charismatic stage presence. Off-stage, however, Jennie is as dorky and as adorable as a kitten!
2. f(x) KrystalKrystal, the younger sister of Jessica Jung, is often dubbed as an "Ice Princess" due to her stern resting face. The idol is praised for her cool and chic visuals, but many have stated that it can be a little scary! However, the idol is full of love for her supporters and the people closest to her.
3. Weki Meki DoyeonDoyeon's model-like visuals and proportions can come off as a little intimidating for those meeting her. Her serious face is also often stoic and expressionless. However, Doyeon has had no issue showing off her cheerful and bright side on broadcasts with both I.O.I and Weki Meki!
4. ChunghaChungha is called an ice princess due to her charismatic stage expressions. She earned this nickname when she dyed her hair blonde for her "Snapping" comeback. While her charisma explodes while performing, Chungha is known for being shy and sweet off-stage.
5. WJSN BonaBona's delicate features and her piercing gaze is what earned Bona her "Ice Princess" title. Despite how cold she may appear while serious, Bona is also known for her adorable aegyo and her sweet eye-smile.
6. TWICE MinaMina is known as an ice princess due to her pretty and elegant nature. Unlike the others, Mina is not known for haughty visuals. Instead, the Japanese idol is praised for her visuals that suit royalty!
7. Red Velvet IreneIrene is often dubbed as one of K-pop's face geniuses. Though her visuals are often praised, the idol usually dons a serious expression, which may make her appear unapproachable. However, Irene has had no problem showing her dorky side when interacting with her Red Velvet members.
8. Jessica JungJessica is often credited as the idol who popularized the term "Ice Princess" in the K-pop industry. The idol was given the title due to her stoic outer appearance and her straightforward person. She is often known for being blunt when she speaks, but she is warm and loving to her fans and loved ones!
9. Oh My Girl's JihoLike Jennie, Jiho is also known for her feline-like eyes, which give her a more icy appearance. Despite her fierce visuals, off-stage, Jiho is actually a human vitamin which makes her members laugh with her bright personality!
--------------Top 5 K-Pop Stars Who Rocked The Orange Hair Look In The Best Way

Korean pop culture has given the world amazing and incredibly talented artists. These artists are an entire package of talents, confidence, boldness, aesthetic appeal and truly mark the arena of remarkable fashion skills. Along with being the most talented artists they also are great at making fashion choices. It seems that these K-pop stars are fascinated by coloring their hair. Today we will have an insight into the stunning orange hair color looks of these pop stars.Here presenting to you pictures of these K-pop stars in orange hair that will leave you stunned.BLACKPINK LisaFirst we have Lisa, a Thai rap artist, vocalist, and performer based in South Korea. Lisa is a prominent member of the South Korean girl band Blackpink which was formed under YG Entertainment.

BTS JiminPark Ji-min, is highly regarded as Jimin. Along with being a vocalist he also is a songwriter and dancer from South Korea. In 2013 he made his first presentation as an important member of the South Korean boy group Bang Tan Boys (BTS) the group which was formulated under the record label Big Hit Entertainment.
TWICE Sana Being one of the Japanese members in TWICE, Sana is well-known for her cute, radiant visuals but with stunning figures. After her "Shy shy shy" part in TWICE's hit "Cheer up" went viral, she has become more and more popular especially towards male fans. In this bright orange hair, Sana is like a gorgeous princess of the jungle.
EXO SehunIn terms of visuals, it will be a miss if not mentioning Sehun - the maknae of Korean boy group EXO. With that handsome face, it is obvious that no color can be a wrong choice for him. In other words, his visual completes any style and hair colors.
BIG BANG G-DragonMeanwhile, in terms of styles and fashion, no one could ever pass G-Dragon. Born in 1988, he's the leader, rapper, vocal, producer of BIG BANG. Besides, he's worldwide known as a fashion icon and trendsetter that he can make literally anything becomes a trend, once he put them on. GD is also known for trying some of the craziest hair colors and styles ever and none of those can't put down his style. This orange hair, is not a problem at all.
Who do you think is the most good-looking in orange hair?