4 Unique Moments That Only GOT7's Jackson Wang Could Have

4 Unique Moments That Only GOT7's Jackson Wang Could Have

When we say "unique", we mean "extraordinary"!

GOT7 member Jackson Wang,who is from Hong Kong, is one of the most popular non-South Korean K-Pop idols in the industry. Being known for his stunning face and bright smile, he always gives his best when performing on stage with outstanding charisma, plus his husky rap voice to create such a signature tune of Jackson.

However, when going off-stage, he is considered one of the funniest and loudest K-Pop idol with his sense of humor and excellent skills in making people around him happy and comfortable, not to mention his golden heart and perfect friendliness that he seemed to have the biggest circle of friends ever, both in and out of the industry.

With such a down-to-earth personality, sometimes extra, it is not rare for him to own a few unique moments that only Jackson Wang from China could do. You may find some are familiar or not, but 4 moments mentioned below are the most iconic that you must know.

Number #1

When he appeared on TV with James Corden, he didn't seem bothered by the stargazy pie that was prepared for him to try out. A lovely crunchy pie with a perfect golden top, a fish head. Yes, 4 shiny gorgeous fish heads rising from the inside of the pie.

Number #2

Chicken breast is a healthy ingredient with lots of nutrients and good for people who do the gym or want to lose weight, therefore it's really familiar with idols - who have to maintain their figures at the best. And among all of the meals to cook with chicken breast, the one-and-only Jackson decides to put it in smoothies. And the flavors, these reactions of his teammates will help you find out.

Number #3

His muscular body and raspy voice may make you think he's intimidating but Jackson is indeed a thoughtful and sincere person. This cute request of him towards fans are will make you fall for him even more.

During a fan meeting, Jackson had a request to the fans. Since a lot of them were busy taking photos of him, he asked that they select carefully what they upload, as he wanted only the good ones. Of course, when you look like Jackson Wang, any photo would do.

But nevertheless, he made it clear he was watching them.

Number #4

JYP is known for many things, and one of them is his see-through vinyl trousers when he wore it and performed during the 2019 MNET Asian Music Awards. JYP must be the spotlight for his stage but unfortunately, this expression of Jackson won and became viral in K-pop. It was not happy, exciting or anything, just the "speechless" feeling on his face and the whole industry went crazy about. How to blame him? That pair of trousers will go down in history, as well as Jackson's face.


GOT7 Jackson Launches His Own Fashion Brand 'Team Wang'

On July 18, Jackson announced the official launch of his global fashion brand 'Team Wang Design' as well as his first collection, 'The Original'. The items from his 'The Original' line will be sold online and at a pop-up store in Shanghai along with shops in North America.

The GOT7 member is the founder, designer, and creative director of the fashion brand. He uploaded some of the photos about this brand and said on Instagram:

"It’s finally here. For almost 3 years planning & strategizing & building & executing Wanted to present the best form of @teamwangdesign division. There is no perfect. but there is perfection in everyone’s standard. This is my current perfection. Every move we make is our satisfaction. This is our history. Official members, let’s make history. #TEAMWANG #GLOBALreleaseNOW".






Hashtags for 'Team Wang' also trended worldwide on Twitter.