Krystal Talks About Difficulties Of Being A Pregnant, And Hope Of Reunion For f(X)

Krystal Talks About Difficulties Of Being A Pregnant, And Hope Of Reunion For f(X)
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Through the interview, Krystal has shared about her silver-screen debut with the film “More Than Family”!

This comedy-drama film is about a college student named To Il (played by Krystal), whose passionate love with a young guy caused her to become pregnant. After five months of pregnancy, she began to look for her biological father, a father she had never heard of in 15 years, and a father who was about to leave home.

After watching the film, Krystal revealed: "The scene is interesting, but the film is more interesting than I thought. I can’t imagine the effect, and I can’t see many edited videos, so I’m worried. Our chemistry is very good and very interesting.” Krystal added that she wanted to play this role because acting has to face new challenges.

When Krystal directed the film alone, she shared: "Since this is my first film and the first film of the director, we said we should be fully prepared for everything. However, there is For a few days, I suddenly felt that I couldn't do it and cried in frustration."

She continued: "I said I would do it because I thought I would do it well, but when I saw the script again three days later, I wondered why I said I would do it if I did it well. When I have this feeling, I will meet the director and talk to her many times. Honestly, I have this feeling for every project. Before shooting, I was facing a crisis. That would explode. After that, I thought,' Whatever. "After an explosion, I feel better."

Krystal also talked about her role as a pregnant woman. She shared: “I tried to find the lightest seat belt for pregnant women, but my waist and neck were hurt due to long-term use. My body was also bent. Before shooting, I was thinking about how pregnant women move. , But after wearing the seat belt of the maternity suite, my posture and walking naturally came out. Therefore, my feelings for To Il are more important than pregnancy."

The actress also revealed that she added weight to the role. She commented: "I'm on a diet, but the director told me that I need to fill my cheeks more, so I eat around. I usually don't weigh myself, so I don't know how much I gain, but it should be a lot. But, because of this, it looks natural, so it’s good."

When Krystal shares similar personalities with her, they both believe in themselves and take responsibility. She explained that when it comes to family, the two people are not the same. Krystal revealed: “I followed my family’s opinions very well. I listened very well and I was very conservative.” She continued, “I’m the kind of person who gets advice from my family. Whenever I have When I have concerns or bad news, I talk about it all."

Krystal also shared that she is not as brave as To Il, who has few clues to find her father. Krystal shared: "I'm a coward. I prefer to be thorough, organized, and plan in detail."

In addition, Krystal revealed that she has a strong chemical reaction with Choi Duk Moon, who treats her mischievously like a niece, and Jang Hye Jin, who talks a lot with her. Krystal commented: "I think it will stay in my memory a lot. I don't want to put too much meaning in the "first", but this is my first movie, and it is also my experience as a pregnant woman. The first role." She suggested watching this movie because many people would be interested in it.

Krystal also proposed her group f(x). She shared: “I can act naturally, not that I quit my role as a singer and only become an actor. The timing is like this. If the fans are unhappy, I will be unhappy too. I want to know why they think I will act because of the performance."

The singer then revealed that she is always willing to accept opportunities, hoping that people will not misunderstand her intentions. Regarding the possible f(x) reunion, she explained: “This cannot happen because we want it and there are many conditions for album production. In some cases, we can’t talk about it, and I think it’s a pity. Always talk about future meetings among members."

Finally, Krystal shared that she wanted to be an actress and made people want to watch her work. She added that the charm of the performance lies in being able to live a different life, such as a pregnant woman or a soldier.