Soul: Is Passion Becoming Obsession?

Soul: Is Passion Becoming Obsession?
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Watching Pixar's Soul movie is also the journey to realize that we have lived and enjoyed the wrong way before?

After its debut at the end of December 2020, the animated movie Soul has suddenly stormed social networks because the content is too deep, touching about life. Pixar's 2020 blockbuster is also being praised by experts, receiving a certification "Fresh Tomato" at 95%. If Pixar's previous works are often aimed at children with warm, humanistic lessons, Soul is a direct move towards adults: it takes experience, it takes every stumble to be able to permeate what this cartoon contains.

3 lifeism revolves around the story of Soul: is life meaningless, or is it because we haven't really realized it?


It was director Pete Docter of the film who once shared that Soul mentioned 3 livingism, which was quite foreign to audiences. The first is Essentialism: From the moment you are born, you become aware of who you are, what you want. Thus, your job and your mission in this life is to learn, explore and perform it. "Effective" people always think about "few" effective jobs, they distinguish between what is necessary and what is nonsense. In order to achieve their goals, they accept trade-offs. The character Joe is the representative of thisism when during decades of his life, he aspired to become a professional musician, to perform with his idol. It was his ambition and passion (and then becoming an obsession) that he gave up all, ignoring many good things in life.

Next, Soul will make the audience reflect on Nietzsche & Nihilism: Everything in this life is meaningless, meaningless. Thisism asserts that morality does not exist, all established values ​​of morality are just abstract, artificial. Character 22 before coming to Earth is the most obvious manifestation of this theory. Before meeting Joe and enjoying the taste of life, 22 always thought this world was meaningless, and herself (or him) was not eager to live because she could not find passion. mine.

Finally, viewers have access to Existentialism: You will have to decide your own life and your purpose in life. Your philosophical view of life comes not only from your thinking but also from your actions, feelings, and ways of life. This happened when 22 arrived on Earth, felt every breath of the world, ate and watched the petals fall in the wind. It turns out, this life is not so bland, and in the Anterior Realm everything is colorless, tasteless, it is impossible to know. 22 has found his inspiration to live only by really living.

The story of the small fish and the great ocean: are we missing something of value?


In the second half of the movie, Soul gave the audience a small but meaningful lesson about the little fish in the blue ocean. After completing the life goal of playing music with idol Dorothea, Joe suddenly felt that this moment was not as satisfying and happy as he had imagined. Dorothea told him the story:

“A fish, it swims to an older fish and says:‘ I'm trying to find my way to the ocean ’. ‘The ocean?’ Says the old fish, ‘this is the ocean’. ‘Here?’, The little fish asks, ‘this is water. What I want is the ocean! '

The story is set by Pixar and not explained, but perhaps all viewers will also more or less understand its profound meaning. Sometimes, we are engrossed in chasing something of seemingly immeasurable value without knowing that such value is all around us. Do not let passion turn into a blind obsession, to the point that it obscures the true truths of this life. Life is not a binary of success - failure poles. Instead, life is how we choose to live every moment, big or small. That's what makes our human life meaningful.

Life is a cycle that ends with death. However, to waste a life is when people want a purpose, but cannot find it. Others have chosen to use this life more carefully, being able to realize that this life is not only about finding purpose but also enjoying and experiencing the world - which is what Soul want to send.



The story of Soul, though light and warm, is also an extraordinary scenario set up by genius hands. During Soul's colorful and hopeful journey, not only the characters, but also the audience themselves, realize many meaningful lessons about life, life and way of life. Think and be infatuated in each moment, so that every passing moment does not return to be meaningful.