7 most touching scenes from Pixar's animated movies

7 most touching scenes from Pixar's animated movies

Let's take a look at the most touching scenes in Pixar's animated movies that have taken so many tears of the audience...

Let's take a look at the most touching scenes in Pixar's animated movies that have taken so many tears of the audience throughout the years.

Woody and friends enter the incinerator - Toy Story 3


Woody and his friends had gone through many ups and downs in the previous two parts, but what happened in Toy Story 3 was the scariest. After getting tricked by Lotso, the group was trapped in a giant incinerator. Knowing that there was nothing they could do to change the situation, Woody and the others held each other's hands, looked at each other one last time and prepared to accept the bitter end. Although the group was saved at the last minute, the scene is really heartbreaking, no matter how many time you watch it.

Sulley must say goodbye to Boo - Monster, Inc


The monster Sulley finally found the meaning of his life through the lovely little Boo. The two had an exciting adventure together, but everything had to end. Boo had to go back to her family, while Sulley had to return to his job. Boo's door was broken so that the secret of her presence could be buried. Boo must have been heartbroken when her giant hairy friend no longer showed up when she opened the cupboard door. This really broke our hearts.

"When she loved me" - Toy Story 2


This is probably the first Pixar scene to touch the hearts of thousands of viewers. Jessie is a toy loved by her former owner, but as time goes by, she is forgotten and thrown under the bed. Then one day, she was found again and Jessie hoped she would be loved by her owner again, but she continued to be thrown away, this time for good. The scene is especially painful to those who have gone through the feeling of leaving someone whom they once loved so much.

The story of Bing Bong - Inside Out


When Joy and Sadness went into Ripley's memory domain, they found Bing Bong, an imaginary friend who had been close to Ripley since she was young. However, as she grew up, Bing Bong became more and more faded and he was forgotten. He still wished to play with her, take her to the moon and was always ready for the day she remembers him. However, knowing that Joy and Sadness needed to return to the center of the mind, Bing Bong sacrificed himself to make Ripley happy again - the moment that filled us with tears.

Wall-E can't remember Eve - Wall-E


Wall-E is a very special robot and his love story with Eve is also so cute that so far no studio has been able to create. Wall-E sacrificed himself to help the Axiom ship safely fly back to Earth, but this caused him severe damage. Eve had to try to fix him but when he woke up, all his memories of Eve were erased, and he returned to his duty of collecting rubbish. However, it was the miraculous hand-holding moment that awaken Wall-E memories. Love can do so many wonderful things.

Remember Me - Coco


In this Pixar's animated film, the studio has continued to immerse viewers in the magical story of the land of the dead. Coco has a bigger twist than Pixar's previous films, more singing and very touching scenes of fatherhood, a topic that Pixar filmmakers have been pretty good at exploring with Finding Nemo. One of those scenes is when Hector told Miguel the story of his life, and he sang the song Remember Me - a song with elaborate, touching lyrics for the little girl. At that moment, the audience can sympathize with the pain of Hector, being unable to see his daughter's face before he died and even in the world of the dead.

Carl and Ellie - Up


Up's first 10 minutes with touching scenes can make the toughest man cry. "Marriage" is a very magical phrase. It represents the maturity of love. And only with its first 10 minutes, Up summarized what is a complete marriage. However, the movie also showed a further milestone, that is when a person passed away, leaving the other in solitude, cherishing each memory they spent together. No words can describe this mental pain.