Disney released the first bisexual character

Disney released the first bisexual character

The Owl House's Luz Noceda was confirmed by Disney as the company's first bisexual cartoon character. Disney stu...

The Owl House's Luz Noceda was confirmed by Disney as the company's first bisexual cartoon character.


Disney studio is making amazing changes in the process of "diversifying" its content and character treasures. Recently, the Mouse House officially confirmed the first bisexual cartoon character through the movie The Owl House.

This character named Luz Noceda (14 years old) was created by author Dana Terrace. She also shared that at first, some Disney executives weren't too fond of the idea of ​​having an LGBTQ + character. However, through a process of non-stop struggle, she finally successfully released her "artwork" The Owl House.


Terrace's decision has been widely supported by fans. Some viewers from the LGBTQ + community also expressed gratitude to her for creating such a highly representative and lovable character. Most noteworthy is the share from Alex Hirsch - "father" of the cult animated series Gravity Falls. He revealed that 8 years ago, the Mouse family would never agree with LGBTQ + ideas like this. Therefore, he feels grateful and happy for his colleague for having fulfilled his aspirations.

However, many viewers are uncomfortable with this detail in The Owl House. Some even asked to unsubscribe from Disney + even though the movie was only shown on Disney Channel.

One audience also said that this is the act of "grooming", which is a kind of strategy to build trust in children through a harmless, friendly approach to performing bad or manipulative acts with children.

On the contrary, some viewers disagree with the above statement. According to them, the details of LGBTQ + incorporated into movies, especially cartoons, cannot influence or manipulate children and influence their sexual orientation. However, right or wrong, this has been a controversial issue for a long time. In general, the subtle and natural expression of LGBTQ + or even feminist elements, color, ethnicity, … in movie productions is still a big challenge for the Hollywood industry.


The cartoon The Owl House tells the story of Luz Noceda's adventure to become a true witch, although at first she does not possess any magic at all. Luz isn't actually Disney's first LGBTQ + cartoon character. Previously, Pixar sub-unit released a gay male protagonist through the short film Out on Disney +.