5 Reasons To Watch 'Soul' - Animation For Grown-Ups

5 Reasons To Watch 'Soul' - Animation For Grown-Ups
Source: 5-Reasons-To-Watch-Soul-Animation-For-Grown-Ups

Pixar's animated movie Soul is being dubbed the best work of 2020 by many people when choosing a very mature and thoughtful theme.

As expected of Pixar's blockbuster in 2020, Soul has had a very positive performance since its release in theaters on December 25. The work is currently rated at 95% by experts at Rotten Tomatoes, and the response of the audience after enjoying this animated blockbuster also affirms that Soul is really worth watching, worth feeling. Even many comments on social networks also claim that this is the best movie of 2020. Here are 5 reasons to run right in theaters and enjoy Soul - extremely warm animation "closing" 2020!

1. The main story is a wonderful adventure of souls!


Soul tells about Joe - a vocal teacher who is in the late afternoon and has yet to achieve any achievement in life. The day he almost reached his dream, he suddenly ... fell into the sewer and died. Joe's soul travels to another world of souls, and while trying to return to his body, Joe has to accompany a not-want-to-live soul 22. Through Joe's Life , 22 also began to see the beauty of life, and Joe found a new ideal for himself.

2. Soul is an animation for adults


If normally, Pixar works with interesting content and glittering images are often aimed at children, Soul is different. This movie possesses a huge class of messages and meanings that if the children watch it, it will be difficult to feel all the work wants to convey. In particular, the way the film dissects and gives perspective on extremely philosophical topics in life and purpose of life will probably make many people feel surprised and sympathetic.

3. The movie will give you more reason to live


Exploiting topics related to life and reasoning, of course Soul will direct viewers to the good things of life. The work conveys a wealth of positive energy about the reason we exist, about the ambiguity between passion and obsession. Are you living out of a passion, or is it just an obsession that makes you forget how to live? From a piece of cake to the breeze flying through, character 22 experiences life for the first time truly immersed in the way this world works. It turns out, everything in this life contains countless beautiful things, we just accept it or not.

4. Soul has a very cute fat cat!


Few people know, there is a fat cat will play the "almost main" role in Soul. It is known that Pixar's artists and producers have even ... spent the whole day struggling to choose a mustache for the cat, it turns out that the cat will play a very important role in the film. How important is that, the audience will have to discover for themselves!

5. The music of the movie is an extremely big plus


Because the main character has a passion for music, Soul owns many excellent music - but will not have words. Instead, the Jazz music performances were incorporated into the film's plot, the setting that made the film's ability to lead the emotions even stronger.